When Sessions Testifies: Mercury Trines Neptune

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

How appropriate! Just when Jeff Sessions goes before Congress to answer questions about the on-going Russian hearings, we have Mercury, the communicator trining or in harmony with Neptune, the dreamy obfuscator!

Mercury is in the constellation it rules, Gemini, thus making her very powerful – and Neptune is in its “home” of Pisces.

Mercury is the fleet footed creature who carries the messages from the gods and rules all forms of communication. Pisces, is the spiritual dreamer who would rather live in a perfect, non-physical world than clunky old reality. You can see how this can lead to prevarication in those less attuned to world of spirit. This is not a good day for getting at the truth!

For those of you NOT dodging questions, use this day to communicate with spirit – it is a great day for meditation, prayer and connecting to those no longer here in the physical.

It is all how you use the energy, folks!