Why Did FDR Serve the King a Hot Dog?

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There has been a lot of discussion lately mostly because of the movie, “Hyde Park on the Hudson,’ regarding a party that President Franklin Roosevelt held in honor of King George of England in which he served hot dogs. The press was aghast and tongues wagged on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, there were other things on the menu that day but the hot dogs were the talk of Washington.

What is it in FDR’s chart that would make him do something so unusual? Well, that is easy to see. He was dominated by the sign of the usual – Aquarius! FDR had Aquarius Sun, Venus and Ceres all in his 5th house – the house of fun and creativity. (The 5th house is also the house of  sex but that is for another blog entry.) In addition, his 6th house the house health, is opened by Aquarius and he has his Aquarius Mercury there.

The question for me is why he only had one “odd” dinner party. With a chart dominated by the
unusual, the quirky and the never predictable Aquarius he loved the idea of being a rebel and thinking outside the box when it comes to fun, food and entertaining.

Next week – how did the king respond to the hot dog lunch?


  1. Anonymous

    Strange as it would be, I was at FDR’s home in Hyde Park a week ago. The tour guide claimed the reason FDR gave the King a weenie roast was because he asked FDR to do something “uniquely American.” Personally I thought him leaving up the framed political cartoons from the time of the Revolutionary War (which made fun of the English monarchy) in the home’s entryway more odd than a woodland weenie roast. And if you think about it, how much more odd can it get when you have a bawdy crippled president slamming beers and eating dogs with a stuttering king- a king accustomed to being “unique.” And then there’s the time Winston Churchill took a stroll in around the grounds in the middle of the night in his underwear.

    It took a band of weirdos to out weird Hitler, methinks. Lol.
    Hyde Park was very interesting! FDR’s personal study where he devised war strategy was next to his kitchen and pantry so the servants could keep his kids away while he concentrated and held meetings.
    Hope all is good with you!