Aquarians, Are You Feeling a Bit More Stable?

All of you Aquarian Sun, Rising and Nodes – is the world seeming a bit more grounded now? That is because your ruler, Uranus is finally coming out of a long retrograde in Taurus. Those big, slow planets don’t do anything quickly and this has been a long slog for this trickster planet. I noticed that there was a potential tsunami in the Pacific this weekend. That is one last gasp of this retrograded action. Taurus, you will recall, deals with Earth and the environment.

The good part of Uranus in Taurus as a transit as it makes us open our eyes to new ways of expressing our interest and stewardship of the Earth. Let’s hope that is direct action will keep us focused on the need to protect the Earth because – well it is so very late!

Venus Retrograded for the New Year

Because of its proximity to Earth orbit, a Venus retrograde is rare. However, starting on December 19 and running through January 29, Venus will indeed be in retrograde.

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus – of course, she is a woman, she has to do both! Her domain is love, relationships in general, money and creativity.

Retrogrades are not bad! They are a time to go within and examine our relationship with the planetary energies. So where do you need to examine your relationship with these Venus areas! Take the time – it is winter – we are supposed to be on an “inward mode” anyway….to take a look at how you can use the Venus energy better.

Happy New Year.

When is the Winter Solstice?

Astronomically, the winter solstice occurs when the North Pole (yes, where Santa lives) is tilted the furthest away from the Sun. No wonder Santa wants to get his team and head out, it is dark up there! Seriously, when this happens, the Sun at its southernmost point in the sky. Therefore, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere – “above” the Equator – experience our darkest possible day while those “below” the Equator in the Southern Hemisphere, have the longest. We are heading into winter, they into summer.

This was a day of significance to the ancients as they literally lived and died by the light of Sun. With no Sun, there was no heat, no food. Celebrations of this day began as a literal intercession with the gods, to bring back that Sun.

The exact time of the winter Solstice is 10:58 AM Eastern time – that is the time the North Pole reaches that furthest point.

However, you celebrate this season, I wish you good tidings and great joy. It is always good to remember the roots of our festivities, however, and for this one – it is the bring back warmth and light. How can you allow the light to shine through you in the New Year?

All the best,


Astrology of the First Thanksgiving

No one knows the accurate date of the first Thanksgiving. We know that there was a letter written in December 1621 which alluded to the gathering. Most historians assume it took place in mid October. The weather was colder then, and the harvest schedule closer to October. (In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in early-mid October.)

We can’t pinpoint transactions for that day, of course. But we can look at the slow moving planets. For instance, Pluto was in Taurus – the sign of connection to the land, resources and provided. However, it was in retrograde at that time, portending secrets and the issue of both parties having a different view of these issues mean and which is more important. They may have come together on the day but clearly did not understand one another.

However, the intentions at that moment were good. Saturn, the sign ruling authority and government structure was in motherly and benevolent Cancer. There was a real sense of community pervading that time period. Benevolent Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of communication and outreach was strong but also in retrograde.

This reminds me of current Thanksgiving holidays where we come together with people often vastly different than us and we pretend for the day to get along, however, we all retain our own agendas.

Have we learned nothing? Yes, we have and we are learning more – even more than we give ourselves credit. We can learn back and see the positive and shadow aspects of this first celebration and make the vow to be more honest, accepting and aware of our own secret agendas and last prejudices. That is the way to honor and grow from this tradition.

Mars in Scorpio on Halloween!

Mars moves into Scorpio on Halloween! How cool is that?

Mars used to rule Scorpio before we discovered Pluto so there is a natural affinity there.

For those who like to be freaked out – they will talk about the dangerous energy of Mars, ruler of the warrior Aries, and Scorpio the vengeance seeker, coming together.

I would like to think of it as just a chance to express your true self – with clarity and certainty. Funny that this would happen on a day we run around in costumes hiding our identities but think of it as a coming forth- an announcing of your true self and beliefs.

Have fun!

Moon and Saturn Dance

Later this week (Sept 2-3), the Leo Moon will be making a trine or flowing aspect to Saturn. Saturn is in Aquarius which is the site on the opposite side of the zodiac to Leo – they balance each other. Leo wants to be seen and admired, Aquarius wants nothing more to blend into the crowd. This is a good time to study how your emotional side (Moon) might crave attention at all costs while your controlling authority (Saturn) might seek a more balanced approach. If you feel you need the approval of others all of that time, ask yourself why? If you give up authority and power for approval and acceptance – then you need to study ways to develop self authority (Saturn.)

This won’t last long – nothing dealing with the fast paced Moon ever does – but it can be a useful, quick exercise.

Saturn Sun Opposition Today

Don’t think of every interaction with Saturn as being “bad.” Saturn gets a bad reputation because he deals with linear time and what we have to do to occupy it, such as exercising, eating good foods, working. It just isn’t the exciting world of international affairs and travel (Jupiter) or spirit and creativity (Neptune.) Poor Saturn. However, he should not be construed to be a bully – but someone who helps us take authority over ourselves as we conduct our way through life.

With this opposition to our Sun (our inner spark) today, Saturn will be providing necessary energy to those who are looking to align their goals with their actions. It is one think to dream and it is another to apply the work necessary to turn them into reality.

Without Saturn, we would live in an unregulated world of pipedreams. So, don’t curse him. Think how you can use him to apply more authority to life.

Waxing, what?

The Moon today is in Sagittarius and is waxing Gibbous. I am sorry but that is just a funny word. Gibbous, not waxing. Waxing means the moon is reaching 50 percent illumination to we Earthlings. Waxing means it is getting bigger to our view – waning is the oppoisite,

But Gibbous? Really? Basically, it is from the shape of the moon – greater than a semi circle less than a full circle. It is still a silly name.

Waxing Gibbous is half way between a half moon and full moon. A Gibbous moon can either be waxing or waning depending on whether the moon is going toward or away from the full moon.

When it is waxing, you may want to concentrate on what you want to manifest…remember, it is in Sagittarius so that deals with learning and growth. On the waning, it is best to work on what you want to leave behind.

Good idea – silly name!

Chiron – Now Retrograded

Chiron is an oft forgotten asteroid which makes sense when you know what he represents – separation and loneliness. Chiron in mythology was born have man (and in some stories – half god) and half centaur. Centaurs were gross and vile creatures with no manners. Chiron had the front head of a man and the back end of a horse like creature. This is not a plan for a happy life. He was ridiculed, isolated and denigrated. After years of torture, he removed himself to a cave and contemplated his fate. It was there, in isolation, he decided to overcome his disabilities and heal others. He went on to be a great healer and teacher of many including Achilles and was elevated to the level of god upon his death. (In many stories, this death came only after he rescued Prometheus from his fate. The asteroid Chiron is now retrograded. What a more perfect time for us to explore where we are isolated from our lives? The Chironic wound is one of isolation – and separation from life.  In our natal charts it indicates where we need to go inside ourselves and try to understand the roots of this isolation. Like the mythological Chiron, we can then not only heal ourselves but show others where they too can find solace. Find the pain, heal yourself and help others out of the dark. With a retrograded movement, Chiron is begging us to pay attention to these painful areas of life. Pain won’t go away on its own – it needs the Chironic medicine.

Things Will Heat Up Before the 4th with Mars and Saturn

Mars and Saturn make odd bedfellows in general. Mars is hot and Saturn is cold logic. This is enhanced now because Mars is in hot Leo and Saturn in the coolest of the cool signs, Aquarius. When there, Saturn just wants to quietly ponder how it can restructure societial norms. This is especially profound in the “sort of post Covid world” we find ourselves in. Mars comes in screaming, “I am mad as hell and want to do something, NOW.” Not good.

You may feel that the progress you are making on re-structuring your life is going too slowly now, you may want to start some fights to push people into action. That is rarely a tactic that works. If you start feeling the anxiety of Mars wanting to move you back into “normal, pre Covid life” (whatever that was), don’t take the bait. Use Mars to find what areas are still agitating you, where you haven’t made the adjustment the way you want yet but don’t let it bully you into making a rash decision.

Stay calm and listen to Mars’ ranting and then calmly decide if you want to adjust your re-structuring. Saturn in Aqaurius wants the new plans to emerge but rationally.