It Isn’t a Paper Moon, It is a Sag. Moon

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Time to prepare for the Sagittarius full Moon. This is a time that always brings to mind a very noisy dinner party. With the Moon full in Sag. it must be opposite the Gemini Sun, making this a time of constant exchange of ideas. With the full Moon, everything is “out there” – nothing hidden – so I just see a table full of people trying to get the other person to listen – just listen for one minute – what they have to say. Since they all think they are right, it can get rather loud!

So where are you sitting at that table? Are there people that you just insist are wrong and try to beat over the head with your “correct” facts? Take your seat away from the table and try to spend some time understanding why you have to be right and them wrong. You might even change your mind. Perhaps…