Happy Thanksgiving! Jupiter Comes Out of Retrograde

For those of us in United States and celebrating Thanksgiving, we get a little extra benefit of having Jupiter station direct today. She will be visible during the evening and early morning hours.

A Jupiter retrograde is a time for deep growth – where we can hone in on topics usually of a great worldly or spirtual nature, that takes us to new depths. This retrograde has been in mystical Pisces, ruled by Neptune so it has been a great time to really go deep into something new, different, and exciting.

As she emerges, Jupiter will still be in Pisces but not for long. You have a little bit more time to keep your head in the clouds. However, get ready to put your studies into action, as Jupiter will charge into fire-sign Aries on Dec 20, 2022.

If you are one for resolutions or just like to start the New Year fresh, I suggest that you put all that introspection and study into action! Aries loves action! How can you use what you have learned during the retrograde to make the world a better place?

Aquarius on the Move?

Did we see the beginnings of Aquarius taking a step up to plate this week? Election Day ’22 saw a lunar eclipse full Moon. Against all the odds of the so-called pundits, we saw neither a Red Wave or Blue Tsunami. What we did see was the freedom loving and unique elements of Aquarius win out over the authoritarianism of Pluto in Capricorn. Is this a good sign for when Pluto moves in Aquarius? Yes. Do we have a lot more work to do? Indeed


While everyone is always in a tizzy about Mercury when he goes retro, the real work is done by the biggies. Pluto has been in retrograde for most of the year and will finally station direct in Capricorn (yes, he is still in Capricorn) on October 8. This retrograde came at a time when America is in her Pluto return.

What will happen on October 8? Will the skies open up and truth and enlightenment in our government pour through? Oh, if it was that easy. However, watch for more information coming out – more secrets being revealed. Remember, the work is done during the retrograde, the actions come after the planet goes direct.

I am speaking, of course, on a national level above but on a personal level, where does Pluto land in your chart? What work have you been doing to stamp out the fear and “lack pattern” caused by Pluto? Now is the time to come to terms with the work you need to do to strengthen your Plutoian response – in other words – your power revitalization.

In Case You Wonder Why King Charles Has a Tough Time

King Charles III is a part of the Scorpio/Taurus South Node people born in the 1947 -49-time range who have a tough time in the public eye. Like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, he is coming from extremely dramatic, very intense Scorpio and should be on the learning curve of leaving that energy behind and moving to placid Taurus. Gore would have been better served to be the voice of the environmental movement, and Clinton an Earth-mother healer. However, their attempts to stay in the drama and fight of politics served up some terrific personal pain. Charles, hasn’t much choice, however, being born into royalty. Certainly, he was caught up in some heavy martial drama in the 80s and 90s. That had Scorpio written all over it. Does he stand a chance to rule in his Taurus North Node? Of course, we all do. There is always time to move into our North Node. With his Moon also in Taurus, his passion for the planet, plants and the environment is real. Also, his Node and Moon are in the 10th House, which signifies our lifestyle – our public life… he can be known as the environmental king! However, he has to watch his usual pit falls. Leo rising, with his Sun in the 5th House, he enjoys the world stage – although he might not like the questioning that comes with it. (Charles would be a terrible American politician.) However, with Pluto in the first house, he has a hard time defining himself. (One of the big problems with his personal life was his constant dithering and inability to state his love for Camilla from the beginning.) It also doesn’t help that his Venus is in co-dependent Venus next to confusing Neptune. (I remember being one of the few astrologers saying from the beginning that his marriage to Diana was a going to be a disaster.) Also, Chiron, the symbol of the separated wound in our charts, is right next to the Sun. Hopefully, he is still not separated from his Sun inner core energy and finally knows who he is. Charles has a good deal of planets in fixed signs, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Ascendant. These make it hard to change. We will know soon if he has finally defined who he is and is ready to be known as the environment king or the permanent ditherer.

Jupiter Retrograded in Aries

Jupiter is ruled by fire sign Sagittarius, Mars by fire sign Aries. This should be a time of growth, expansion, travel, learning; anything that brings us beyond our known circle of knowledge (Jupiter) with a strong energy or zeal (Mars.) Here we are challenged to gain some new piece of information; to grow intellectually, and spiritually.

Since late July until mid November, it has been retrograded. What does it mean when they go inward in retrograde? When we have a fire, fire retrograde it very simply is a sign to “cool our jets.” It is asking us to take stock of all of our forward, expansion movement, is it worth it? Are we on the right path?

This retrograde will push Jupiter all the way back to placid Pisces. It moves into Pisces on October 28 and stations direct there finally on November 23. Pisces is our connection to the “god-source” of spirituality and creativity. What better time for us to re-evaluate the goals of our searching? Are we spending our time studying and expanding to the correct ends?

That is the question we have several months to ask ourselves. Let’s make the best of it.

Are the latest actions of the Justice Department Plutonian?

I keep getting that question and my answer is sort of. It is only Plutonian because the DOJ is responding to Pluto’s call to root out what is not good about our government – Pluto in Capricorn which rules structure and authority. The DOJ doesn’t have to do Pluto’s bidding. It can turn the other way – just like voters can decide to accept the “new order” of autocracy and do nothing.

The planets do not tell us how to act. They only create the circumstances for us to grow and evolve.

It is always UP TO US.

The Five Month A Year Uranus Retrograde Period

Starts this year on August 24. Basically, the revolutionary energy of Uranus goes inward and instead of forcing quick changes, he makes us rethink our own motives.

It is a good time to think about our personal roads not taken and examine what has blocked those wild dreams. Did they just die with adult awareness or are you deliberately preventing yourself from breaking out of an outdated mold?

Think back to your childhood dreams! There is always time to renew!

Happy Solstice – Happy Venus

This summer solstice (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere) marks the movement of the Sun into Cancer. This year it will also see a powerful positive aspect (or trine) between Venus and Pluto. Venus will be in Earthy Taurus, a sign that she rules, and, of course, Pluto is still hanging in retrograde in Capricorn, another Earth sign.

This is a great time for re-assessment of those Venus aspects. She rules relationships, socialization and money! Combined with Pluto, the planet that demands deep and penetrating change, this provides the perfect time to re-assess you life in one of these three areas. However, it is summer and Venus is in earthy and peaceful Taurus – this is not the time to be a bull in a chinashop about it. Take your time, think, journal and assess calmly.

It is summer – relax! There is enough strife in the world. Happy Solstice

Wither the June 9 Hearings?

Taken on its own, the chart of the Washington, DC when the Jan. 6 committee will begin public hearings, we see that there is a stellium, or clump of planets and bodies in the 9th house, all in Taurus. Those are the Midheaven, Mercury, the Node, Pallas, Uranus and Venus all in steady, stable Taurus. Despite the stability, with Uranus involved and so close to warrior Pallas, expect both surprises and fire works.

Being in the 9th, this stellium indicates big impact potential on politics and the law.

When I place that chart over that of the United States, I see that the Stellium falls into the 6th house. It will have a good chance of shaking up the normal order of how we go about our business. The sixth concerns itself with all things functional – our bodies, our work, our food – the basics.

With Mars and Jupiter in hot Aries next to our Chironic wound, there is not doubt that this event will shake us to our core and reveal our true self to ourselves and the world (4th house, 9th house.)

You see also the exact Pluto return with Pluto in retrograde of which I have spoken before.

Now, the big question. Will it DO anything? It should! Jupiter is our ruling planet as the US has Sagitarrius rising. It should light a fire of anger and then rejuvination. Will it? You know my anwer — that is up to US. We are being given all the tools.

Where Is It All Going?

The world is falling apart, kids are getting killed in schools, the country is divided, everything sucks!

I have heard all of these things a lot these past few weeks. That is followed by, what is going to happen?

My answer doesn’t satisfy everyone. It is simply, what is going to happen is up to us, NOT the stars. The US is in its full-on Pluto return and Pluto is in retrograde – every bit of gunk is being exposed (note the upcoming Jan 6 committee hearings to start next week.) What will happen depends on what each of us does. Do we fight for change or be complacent?

It is as simple as that….and as difficult. No white star knight will save us – we are our own knights.