On Inauguration Week – What Are Our Values?

Categories: Astrology in History.

As our Pluto return bears down on America’s second house, demanding that we deeply reexamine our values, it is exposing centuries of our monetary and value-based “sins.” We are clearly suffering the penalties of not responding to the banking crises in a way that punished the perpetrators: we are punished with the election of Trump. The oligarchy, the rich ruling class, is now ostentatiously in command. Pluto brings the dark to light.

However, the disease is much deeper and longer simmering. Despite all of our high ideals, slave holding men created us, we executed generations of Native Americans  gave some rights to women only grudgingly. In fairness, many of us have strived to become better, to live up to the ideals. Yet, even with those efforts, as a people, we have a school-to-privatized prison system, several classes of citizenship, Sandy Hook,  and the ongoing horror at Standing Rock. Literacy and science are under siege.  Pluto has laid bare our sinful past and hypocrisies and thrown the consequences in our collective faces. They are on display to a world we believe we lead physically and morally.  Now that “leadership” will be through the vehicle of a president karmically installed by a foreign power in a CIA like coup. Pluto exposed the filth kept hidden under the cloak of patriotism. What is true patriotism, if not a demand that expose what is wrong and push to make it right?

How we respond to this administration will set the course for America for generations to come. Will this be a cleansing era, a turning point to a brighter future closer to those professed ideals of two hundred years ago? Will we descend into the darkness suppressed for years? Will there be an earthquake forever separating the red from the blue elements into new nation-states? (Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation.)

What are our values? Who are we? Pluto has no desired outcome. He completed his task.