Saturn Squares Uranus on June 14

A square is often considered “negative” or difficult energy.

However, without this type of energy we don’t get any changes made. Saturn is
duty and authority, and Uranus is wild, nonconformist energy. You can see the
clash between these two can be epic. Especially now that we have Saturn in
Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus in an earthy sign of Taurus. It
is almost as a world upside down. Saturn would prefer to be in Taurus and
Uranus in Aquarius. What does it all mean?

It means a time of reckoning between authority and innovation. Where are you
going by remote control – because you “should” be doing something? Is
there a portion of your life that you need to shake up and take control? Are
you tired of doing something because someone, somewhere said that is how you
need to operate? Let Uranus infuse your Saturn control.

Conversely, is there an area of your life that needs more direction, where
you wanted to start a project but couldn’t get it organized? Let Saturn infuse
that Uranus energy.

These squares don’t have to be difficult. Use them! Don’t fear them!