Venus and Pluto In Opposition: All or Nothing at All

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Venus and Pluto are facing off this week. Venus is in the mommy sign of Cancer while Pluto, the god of the underworld, is in taciturn Capricorn. It is almost as if Mom and Dad are fighting and the kids are in the middle. Venus is all about desire and love and Cancer is nurturing and coddling. Whereas Pluto is all about live and death choices and Capricorn is the task master! Family fight!

Depending on the placement of these planets in your chart you might really feel these movements. If, for instance, you are a Venus or Pluto Capricorn or Cancer person, you might feel a bit torn between your duties to your kids or even to yourself. There was a great song in the musical “Mame” when she lamented about perhaps being too strong or soft with her nephew. This describes this placement perfectly.

Even if it doesn’t hit you hard, think about the balance in your life between duty and comfort, work and play, time enjoyed or struggling.

Mom and Dad may be fighting but use that energy to bring balance to yourself.