A Great Time to Think and Assess Words: Past and Future.

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Did you feel the energy of the wonderful blood Moon lunar eclipse? I did – it really did something to my Pisces Moon and I felt a deepening of awareness into who I am and SHOULD be!

So now we have time to contemplate the Moon and Mercury because that fast mover has just retrograded in the hot sign of Leo. When we couple this with already retrograded Mercury and that Aquarian Moon, the best advice I can give is to think not only before you speak but think about words in past that may have been injudicious. It is never too late to ask forgiveness for words that hurt – even if the person is gone. With Jupiter trining Neptune – a very spiritual and expansive energy – adding to these retrogrades – review your past comments and set a course for more positive discourse, if need be.

Summer is great time to connect with both Earth and sky energy, don’t limit yourself!