Mindset Medicine A Journaling Book You Need Now!


                                                                     Book Review MINDSET MEDICINE: A JOURNALING POWER SELF-LOVE BOOK by Mari L. McCarthy

The book your best friend needs right now…yes, that is you.

I am so happy to be part of the launch of a book by my friend  Mari L. McCarthy. Her Mindset Medicine by Mari L. McCarthy is for everyone who wants to take an active role in healing and manifesting sting self-love “write” now. Face it, how can you wish health on a someone you don’t genuinely love – how can you want the best for them? Be a loving friend to yourself if you want real healing.

How easy is it for us to lose ourselves to world woes these days? Very! COVID, politics, Russia, and the darned Pluto return. The news, the fear, the media, the texts, the constant bombardment of electronic sludge. It can all tear you down and rip you away from being YOU! 

 Grab your pen and pad and prescribe yourself, Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book. Amid the madness is you – and what is more important than you and your health?

In her third book, award-winning international bestseller author Mari L. McCarthy reveals a journaling power path that leads to an awareness of how vibrant your life will be when you… 

• Understand why you absolutely must love yourself first 
• Tap into your hidden gifts and talents 
• Declare why others must ALWAYS respect you 
• Establish rock-solid unbreakable boundaries 
• Promise to be YOUR own superhero! 

I have known Mari for many years, and she never ceases to astound me with her courage, your determination and sense of “do the work if you want the work done.”

If you are ready to do the work on the most important person in the universe, you, get this book today!



Joan, Thank you for hosting me and for your review most awesome. I have several free Journaling Power Workbooks in my store for your Community at CreateWriteNow.com

Mari L. McCarthy
Founder/CEO-Chief Empowerment Officer


“Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live”

Mari L. McCarthy

It is a temptation when one is reading a book such as this, to “cut to the chase.” Often, we want to get to the part that will start making our life more rewarding. I urge all readers to this wonderful book to resist that urge. Don’t miss Mari’s story of how the discovery of her multiple sclerosis and the subsequent search for the ultimate doctor or pill made her realize that her healer lay within. Not only is it a gripping tale, sans self-pity, but it brings all of us to the dark moment of our souls.

For me, it was a battle with almost debilitating anxiety and agoraphobia that haunted me for more than a decade. There were the tranquilizers, the doctors……the guilt, the missed meetings. You haven’t lived until you figured out how to get enough food from the aisles closest to the grocery store exit because you knew you had about 10 minutes before the walls began to close in.

Whether it be physical or emotional, often the best answers are within us. This is not to say that people should toss out lifesaving medicine – but we have an incredible intelligence inside that can go so far to bring us to a place of total wellness.

That is where Mari’s book comes in.

Exercise after exercise brings you closer to you – where so many of the secrets and pain that we carry physically simmer slowly. On page 196 she speaks words that resonated with me. “I chose to become my own health advocate, and so in my journal I am always asking myself, ‘what’s my next step toward my goal of whole health?’”   When we empower ourselves, instead of turning over power, when we ask ourselves what we need instead of relying on others to tell us what that is, we become stronger, healthier and more comfortable in ourselves.” After all, we have been with ourselves since birth. It is just a matter of getting to that little core, that voice, that soul – whatever you want to call it – that we need to unlock.

Journaling brings us face to face with us. Didn’t the ancients say, “physician heal thyself,” and “know thyself”? Indeed. Ancient wisdom often prevails.

There are no set “rules” to journaling other than doing it. Being an impatient sort myself I never thought I could do it. Indeed, my first month’s forays lasted a few no more than 15 minutes.  Then something clicked. I loved the mystery – I wanted to hear what I had to say next.

Even when you are doing painful memory work, such as the section on healing childhood hurts, the fact that you control the pen and can stop and reflect if it is too difficult, is a great help.  Believe me, you will go back to it because the door has been opened and the thought of going in again is great because you are in control. Put it away, come back in a few weeks…it still works.

It all works. The tragedy is that our society denies what is so obvious – we are powerful, we are knowledgeable, and we just need to listen to us.

This is Fake News: the Seven Planets in Aquarius

You might have seen some rather austere looking web entries saying that in February we will have 7 planets in Aquarius! It then goes on to say the last time this happened was during the plague in the Middle Ages and it saw the end of the Great Plague and the start of the Renaissance. Sounds great, right? One problem, it is a pile of wrong.

While it is rare to have that many signs in Aquarius, it happened as recently as February 1962. The Cuban Missile Crises happened that fall. So while it is good while it lasts, don’t believe all the nonsense about this ushering some time of peace and joy for all for years to come.

Take advantage of it and I am sure it will help usher in more and more adaptive vaccines – but not a wild new age of rebirth. We have to work on making that happen

Mercury Retrograde – 2021

On January 30, 2021 we will see our first Mercury retrograde.

This Mercury’s retrograde is in independent, free thinking, illusive and quirky Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, this is the sign that focuses us on collective efforts to work together for the greater good of society. Keep in mind though that the definition of “greater good” is very open to interpretation!! We saw many people on January 6 convinced they had to storm the Capitol for their version of the “greater good.” How we socialize – not for a quick drink – but how we gather with people to further the “cause” is where Aquarius dwells.

Aquarius also rules the domains of science and technology.

Look for many “secrets” to come out about past botched vaccine distributions, those behind the January 6 insurrection and other juicy tidbits about our recent political past!

Kamala Harris

There are many interesting things about this chart which I will explore as we go forth. Today, I want to explore the commonality she has with Donald Trump. Yes, I said that. Both Harris and Trump share a South Node in Sagittarius. His is in the 4th house – hence his attachment to his family – hers is in 7 – making her a more socialized person.

People going from Sagittarius South are going to a Gemini North Node. Their major lesson to learn is to give up the fact that they know they are the smartest kid in the class and can’t learn from anyone about anything. Sagittarians ground in their knowledge – sometimes they wallow it in.

They need to let that go and open themselves up to new ways and new people that can teach them something new.

I will let you decide who your think is further along in that journey.

Inauguration Day

We are all shellshocked from the attempted insurrection of Jan 6, 2021. Many have asked about the astrology of Inauguration Day. Well, the good news we have a very strong Aquarian presence in the 10th house. This is the house of government and authority and we can see this fresh air of Aquarius blowing through that house.

The one sign of trouble still resides in Mars and Uranus. They will still be in a very tight conjunction – 6 degrees Taurus and tucked away in the 12th house, which the ancients saw as a house of secret enemies. Mars is war and Uranus (at his worst) is disruption. Fortunately, Uranus is no longer retrograded so that is also good.

I would recommend that law enforcement look for the unexpected – soft targets that might not be in DC and look for someone “on the inside” who could turn.

Pluto obviously still wants us to clear out more of our secrets and mistakes from the past… let’s get moving.

Not a Good Idea To Go Into DC this week.

January 6, 2021 – the date of the big “stop the steal” or whatever it is being called now, march in Washington, DC. As you can see Mars and Uranus are very close to one another in the second house – that of values! They are out of sign (meaning one is in Aries and one in Taurus) but they are too close for comfort for me. Mars is the god of War and Uranus, trickster and quixotic, likes nothing more to throw a match on a tinder.

The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the 11th house – that which brings people together for social causes – adds to the potential fire. Those who think they can counter the marches will be doing no good by antagonizing anyone.

Stars do not command us to act in any manner – we all have free will. I suggest everyone use it and stay away. This is not a time to fuel any flames… of any kind

New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 13.

New Moons are times of manifesting desires. Coming so soon after the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. this is a perfect time to make the goals you made on December 21, concrete. Use the organizational abilities of Capricorn to make the goals that you need to fulfill those Aquarian dreams.

Many people make resolutions for the New Year – we know how successful they usually are! However, this is the time to embody that which we dreamed of on the Solstice. Don’t make the list too difficult but call on the New Moon to give them some structure.

Good Luck!

Saturn in Aquarius

Get ready for Saturn to express its rather dower energy in a new way finally on December 17, 2020 when it moves in Aquarius. We have been trapped in a cycle in which both Pluto and Saturn were in Saturn’s ruler, Capricorn. As we have seen, this can bring dramatic and difficult political energy – authoritarianism, dogma and general consternation as to the state of the world.

Fortunately, Saturn (and Jupiter) will leave that morass and head into the humanitarian and accepting sign of Aquarius. This is a time for turning a reassessing our social goals, structures and sense of community through the eye compassion and acceptance. Barriers and walls should and could be broken as we look to become more inclusive.