Happy 2015!

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We have two good signs in the sky this New Years to help us make plans for 2015. I am not a fan of “resolutions” because I feel we make them under pressure and therefore they are often unrealistic. However, if you are prone to make them this year would be the time because we have Pluto, the change agent, and Vesta, the asteroid that makes us overcome obstacles, on the Sun (our inner energy) on New Year’s Day. Therefore, we can focus on the changes that we need to make with intensity and the drive to put them into action.

The other good sign for change is a Saturn/Pallas conjunction in Sagittarius. As I said last week, two days after the Solstice, on December 23, 2014 Saturn left Scorpio and, for the first time in 30 years and moved into Sagittarius. It will remain there, after a short retrograde back to Scorpio from June 16 – Sept 18, 2015, until December 20, 2017.

Sagittarius vibrates to the ninth house of higher education, foreign affairs, international travel, publishing and personal spiritual and philosophical growth. Its planetary ruler is huge Jupiter, with control over ideals, education, religion and laws. Pallas was the goddess of both war and peace – of fighting the good fight and then reveling in the peace afterwards by building arts centers and hospitals. She takes up the causes of the underdog and makes us fight the good fight. That is a lot of energy in Sagittarius – the seeker, the wanderer the sign most interested in intercultural, inter-religious exchange. In short, it is a lot of energy of learning, growing and moving forward that I hope we all use!

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Happy New Year and keep these positive energies in the sky in mind as we open the door to 2015