Jupiter Enters Scorpio on October 10 – What Secrets Will She Reveal?

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

There is nothing better than Scorpio loves than a good secret – or should I say, how to ferret out a good secret?  With the power of mighty Jupiter, Scorpio is primed to reveal those hidden unknowns that we all do our best to keep from the world. Don’t be surprised if people seem a bit too nosy. There will be attacks on your privacy and interpersonal relationships will become more intense. This is a great time to define clearly your personal boundaries. Be careful too that you are not being too intrusive of others.


Scorpio is the sign which dwells in the areas of death, rebirth, taboo and the money of others. It loves to push boundaries and desires to make us go in areas that make us uncomfortable. By the time it leaves Scorpio, in November of 2018, we will see these subjects going public to degrees that might stun some. Scandals and shocking murders may shake us.


It is not all terrifying, however! This is a good time to reach in and clear our deepest fears about money, death and even sex. It is also a perfect opportunity to embrace your physic abilities or just hone your “gut” instinct. Scorpio isn’t all about scary things! It is a good to get those secrets off your chest and we erase fears!