Lillith Moves into Aquarius

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Lillith is an enigmatic spot on the orbit of the Moon that is often overlooked by astrologers. Named for the rebellious “anti-Eve” woman of pre-Biblical times, Lillith shows where we wish to kick off the chains of society and be our own person. She is the original “Nasty Woman.”

With this move into Aquarius, she stirs our deepest desire to form new allies and work for the collective good. This isn’t an easy shift – Lillith is one tough task master and she is coming up against the warrior energy of a retrograded Mars.

Don’t be surprised to see some new outrage rise soon, akin to the #metoo movement or Black Lives Matter. This is a clash that will be felt.

On a personal level, let Lillith stir you to new social action and enhance your sense of brother/sister hood.