Mars joins Regulus on Sept 9

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

During the “great American eclipse” last month much was made of the eclipse occurring in the constellation of Leo, the Lion King, and in its brightest star, Regulus. Ancient astrologers looked to Regulus as the indicator of the fortunes that would either fall or fall away from the ruler of the land. He is the “king of kings,” if you will.

On September 9, aggressive Mars will pass near Regulus just as he is exiting Leo and heading into more sedate Virgo. If you have an abundance of Mars/Aries or Sun/Leo in your chart – this is the time to be careful – to watch your temper, not do anything rash, do not get provoked.

What this will mean to current “rulers.” Trump is Leo rising with Mars on the first house cusp (anyone surprised?)

He will be feeling his Regulus oats – the question is when will he finally bite off  more than he can chew?