Mars Retrogrades Today

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Mars goes retrograde today and stays there until August 27. It will be mostly in the sign of Aquarius but will retrograde back to Capricorn for a short stay.

Mars is the planet of action and motivation, so when in retrograde expect things to slow down and in many cases it feels as though we are walking through water. Even when we want to charge forward, something is pulling us back, making it harder to reach goals.

This is not always a bad thing. While frustrating, it can also give us a necessary pause. Are we charging off in the right direction? Is there a smarter way to reach our goals?  This is a great time for plan evaluation. Many of us live always in reaction instead of in a place of conscious assessment and planning.

Mars retrograde says think, take a breath and then act. That can’t be a bad thing!