Pope Francis

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I love this Pope. Really, if I still believed in one thing Catholicism and Christianity hold I might be tempted to go back just because of him. While I crossed and blew up that bridge, I still admire him and appreciate his efforts to modernize the church. Naturally, I had to look at his birth chart.

Pope Francis

No wonder I like him! He has the same Nodal axis, as do I with a South Node in Gemini and North in Sagittarius. We South Node Gemini people are very adept at gathering and distributing information. Context is not important, it is just all about receiving data. With his South Node in the 12th house, the house that connects us to God, he spent his past lives as a channeler, philosopher or recording of religious works. He was, as we would call, an academic or someone who devoted his life to receiving the words of “god.”

In this life, with his North Node in Sagittarius in the 6th house, he needs to embody those words – to put them into action. All North Node Sagittarius people should be honing in on one study. We need to leave the obsession with data and delve into something with total devotion. Obviously, for Pope Francis this was Catholicism. He is putting the religious studies of his past existence into action after devoting his lifetime to being a priest and now Pope.

Is he putting his religious words into action? I would think so and I can see why. The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is on his North Node and his Sun. When the ruler of the Node is on the Node it indicates that he has had opportunities to put his words into action before but it never worked out. Now the universe has given him several indicators that is his time is now. His Sun, also in Sagittarius, is wedge between the Node and Jupiter and Ceres, the planet of nurturing is rounding out this group.

His road will not be easy. He has Retrograded Vesta and Pluto in the first house, meaning there are many roadblocks and power plays running interference but with Mercury in the strong sign of Capricorn in the 7th house, the house of dealing with people on very intimate levels, his Sagittarian word will make a tremendous impact in the long run.