The King’s Hot Dog

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Yeah, you knew I was going to use the title, didn’t you? Last week I spoke about President Roosevelt’s hot dog dinner for the King and Queen of England during World War II. Why did the King enjoy the picnic? The answer lies in his first house. He has four heavenly bodies in this first house, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and the Moon all in secretive Scorpio. Having Saturn, the task master, and Uranus, the rebel, together in a fixed sign in the first house is a prescription of someone who is torn between tradition and change. Basically, he felt like a “push-me-pull-you llama his whole life – I should, I have to – but geez, I don’t want to – I want to run away from it all.

It is no wonder he was a heavy smoker, a vice that lead to his early death to lung cancer, is a symptom of the heavy Scorpio in his first house. Scorpio is so secretive that they have a hard time expressing themselves

This man was torn, burdened by duty that he wants to escape and is doomed to keep his emotions inside. Can you see why he would love to keep up his heels with a fun and silly picnic? He loved every minute of it I am sure.

P.S his stutter is clearly seen with that retrograded Jupiter. (Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and his Mercury, the communication planet is in Sagittarius.) Anyone with an affliction to Mercury has either educational, communication or social awkwardness.