The Virgo Stellium

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 We will have a stellium (five or more planets in one sign) in Virgo starting in early August. Mars enters the constellation on August 8, and then Venus jumps in on the 21st. Juno will join the Sun when it moves into Virgo on 23rd and Mercury follows the next day. With the exception of Juno, these are all “personal” or close in planets. Mars deals with our aggression (not always a bad word) and forward movement. Venus, is love, receptivity and financial acumen and Mercury, is our communicator, how we process and send forth our thoughts. The Sun is our internal spark. It is easy to see why these are personal planets as they all perform integral parts of everyday life. The outlier, Juno, an asteroid, is our loyalty barometer. 

Virgo is the worker-bee of the zodiac. Her areas of concern are feeding, caring and working the body. They are into perfecting – their work area, their bodies, the entire world around them. The downside to Virgo is a criticism – self-criticism.  If perfection is your goal – how can you not always fall short?

This is a good time to analyze each of these areas with an eye toward how you might always feel you (and your loved ones with Juno’s involvement) fall short. Where do you demand nothing short of perfection in a most imperfect world?