Uranus Meet Taurus – Hope for the Planet?

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.


Uranus moves in Taurus today. This is not a comfortable position for Uranus because it can feel boxed in by grounded, earthy Taurus. That is not a good sensation for our most rebellious and irreverent planet. However, the combination of Urania innovation and Taurean dedication to the Earth and all things stable and strong can bode well for both climate change and infrastructure change. Perhaps we can finally get out of neutral on these dire issues and get something done!

This placement can also assist us in looking at new food sources. Uranus loves to live in the future and always thinks outside the box – and we know that this planet needs more way to feed the growing population.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus Franklin Roosevelt started infrastructure and conservation works programs to pull America out of the Depression. He also instituted major banking reforms (Taurus ruled by Venus loves the securitour senses on these issues and use this energy to make amends to mother Earth.