VP Debate – Sara on Neptune

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At the time of the only Vice Presidential debate, Oct 2, 2008 at 8:00 PM Central Time in St. Louis, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s natal Mars will be squaring the transiting Moon. A disharmony between the Moon, which controls emotions, and Mars, named after the ancient god of war – leads to irritability, aggression and argumentativeness. So she might be more inclined to go after Joe Biden during the debate – to play up her “hockey mom toughness.”

Sarah’s Mars lies in the conjunction with the her Sun in the 7th house natally (no wonder she is known for her aggressive style – Mars energy fueling her Sun in the house of relationships is a dynamic combination.) At debate time this conjunction will be conjunct transiting Neptune. The positive side of this will be an enhanced ability on her part to tap into her gut instinct- and say somethings truly inspirational.

The shadow of Neptune is unreality and obfuscation – so it is very possible for those who like the star power of Palin – she will hit a home run saying absolutely nothing. Mercury will be in her third house – the house of communications. Democrats expecting her to make a total idiot of herself will be disappointed.

As for her opponent Joe Biden, his Mars is active as well on that day. Natal Mars will be trine transiting Jupiter – giving him energy and enthusiasm but this is going to be squelched a bit by a Mercury square Neptune. Joe I feel is going to be afraid to go for the jugular, having been told by his handlers not to look too mean or obnoxious.

Win will go to Joe – but Palin won’t be as foolish as she has been in recent interviews. Like the Presidential debate on Friday it will be an “eye of the beholder” situation as to who wins or looses.