A Day To Think Before You Act.

Today is a day to take those ten deep breaths if you are feeling pushed. With Neptune conjuncting Mars, you will have a difficult time finding the root cause for your anger. Both are in dreamy, confusing Pisces which always makes it difficult to figure yourself out.

What we have is a collison of hot and sometimes angry Mars clashing with cold and nebulous Neptune. The thunderstorm that can ensue is a firey eruption but why? Are you really angry at the situation in front of you or is Neptune making it hard to pinpoint your true emotions? More than likely, the answer is yes.

Before you react, think where are those feelings rooted, is it from some unresolved feeling that has nothing to do this situation? Then take those breaths and call on the postive energy of Pisces to allow you to see what is happening with compassion instead of anger.