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Rising Sign Bucket List $60

Your Rising Sign Bucket List – tells you how to find your authentic self. Our rising sign or ascendant is our personality indicator. It sits on the first house cusp and it along with the planets and asteroids in the first house, tells us who that real you is who is hidden deep inside. Do you need to overcome some fears of public speaking or do you need to take some emotional self-defense courses? Maybe some art classes are in order or perhaps you would do well with some foreign culinary classes. Your rising sign is there to show you how you best project yourself. Don’t end this life without being the best with what you have to work with!

Pluto Bucket List $60

Your Pluto Bucket List outlines your goals needed to transform your life. Where Pluto appears in your chart is the area that you need to grow. Were you born with Pluto conjunct Neptune? Then a trip to an ashram might be something to add to the list. Pluto opposing Jupiter indicates a need to something new different and totally outside your comfort zone. Pluto makes us an offer we can refuse – so why fight it? Learn the lesson, have some fun, and keep Pluto quiet!

North Node Bucket List $60

Your North Node Bucket List is one you cannot miss. The North Node is our marker of what we need to do in life to feel the most fulfilled. When we are “in” our North Node, the universe brings us great benefits, it feels right, your path is smoother, and life falls more into place. `What is your North Node, what house is in it – what aspects does it make? I will examine all of these things to devise the best North Node Bucket List just for you.

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