Happy Spring!

Happy Equinox all! This is the time when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. It is no wonder that all of the major organized religions celebrate this time as a time of rebirth and renewal. Aries is the Baby of the Zodiac. It vibrates to the energy of the first house – the house of personality where we burst out and say hey world look at me. The Equinox brings forth the newness of spring – where we plant new seeds for change.
Plant the seeds now to burst forth with the person you want to be when the summer solstice comes around!
This year we have a stellium (five or more bodies) together in Pisces. They include a tight conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus. On the positive aspect of this – these instill creativity, compassion and concern which I believe we are seeing in reaction to the draconian elements of Trump world. In shadow, all of this Pisces energy can give us the desire to escape harsh reality and live in fantasy. I hope we remain on the side of compassion.
Spring is a time for renewal – let’s hope we all understand the value and need for continuing emergence of spirit.
Happy Spring. Equinox 2017 - spring