Happy Thanksgiving! Jupiter Comes Out of Retrograde

For those of us in United States and celebrating Thanksgiving, we get a little extra benefit of having Jupiter station direct today. She will be visible during the evening and early morning hours.

A Jupiter retrograde is a time for deep growth – where we can hone in on topics usually of a great worldly or spirtual nature, that takes us to new depths. This retrograde has been in mystical Pisces, ruled by Neptune so it has been a great time to really go deep into something new, different, and exciting.

As she emerges, Jupiter will still be in Pisces but not for long. You have a little bit more time to keep your head in the clouds. However, get ready to put your studies into action, as Jupiter will charge into fire-sign Aries on Dec 20, 2022.

If you are one for resolutions or just like to start the New Year fresh, I suggest that you put all that introspection and study into action! Aries loves action! How can you use what you have learned during the retrograde to make the world a better place?