Wither the June 9 Hearings?

Taken on its own, the chart of the Washington, DC when the Jan. 6 committee will begin public hearings, we see that there is a stellium, or clump of planets and bodies in the 9th house, all in Taurus. Those are the Midheaven, Mercury, the Node, Pallas, Uranus and Venus all in steady, stable Taurus. Despite the stability, with Uranus involved and so close to warrior Pallas, expect both surprises and fire works.

Being in the 9th, this stellium indicates big impact potential on politics and the law.

When I place that chart over that of the United States, I see that the Stellium falls into the 6th house. It will have a good chance of shaking up the normal order of how we go about our business. The sixth concerns itself with all things functional – our bodies, our work, our food – the basics.

With Mars and Jupiter in hot Aries next to our Chironic wound, there is not doubt that this event will shake us to our core and reveal our true self to ourselves and the world (4th house, 9th house.)

You see also the exact Pluto return with Pluto in retrograde of which I have spoken before.

Now, the big question. Will it DO anything? It should! Jupiter is our ruling planet as the US has Sagitarrius rising. It should light a fire of anger and then rejuvination. Will it? You know my anwer — that is up to US. We are being given all the tools.