Could It Be The Battle of Two 12th House Scorpios For the White House?

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Will he won’t he….will Joe Biden enter the race for President and rescue the Democrats from “Hillary Fatigue?” If he does we will see the face off of the Scorpios. (To Bernie supporters: I am not ignoring Virgo Bernie Sanders, I just don’t have his time of birth and can’t do a full analysis.)

Looking at their charts, we see that they look a lot alike, at first glance anyway. Born just about 5 years apart, both have a Sun in Scorpio. True followers of astrology know that Sun sign accounts for very little and that we have to look at the big picture. When we do that, we see that the similarities get even greater.

Joe Biden

Both have their Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in their 12th house which grants charisma, mystery and a dogged desire to achieve. Biden has Mars in Scorpio in 12 as well. These people are driven by some subconscious (or past life) desire that demands that they overcome the mysteries or secrets of life – they are driven to search for answers. The 12th house is also the house where one transcends normal existence and becomes “larger than life.” (Check out the chart of Mae West if you want to see a predominance of 12th house planets making a person larger than life.)

Despite its boldness, this isn’t a natural placement for a politician as the 12th house is the house of secrets. A king or queen would love this placement – they want the prestige (Scorpio) without having to reveal too much of themselves. With personal planets in the 12th there is a natural secretiveness to the personality. The 12th is the house of solitude and confinement, the house of writers, detectives and mystics – not American politicians forced to reveal all.

What brings Vice President Biden into the limelight is his rising sign, or sign opening the first house, the house of personality. With Sagittarius as his rising sign, Biden is drawn to travel, competition and interaction with the world. It gives him an openness and an optimism even in light of life’s tragedies. (His loss of his first wife and child to a car accident can be seen in the retrogrades of Uranus and Saturn in his marriage house and the karmic link of his 5th – the house of children – back to the karmic 12th.)

With Neptune, the dreamer, in his 10th house, that of government, he is driven to try to make the world better. There is a tremendous amount of compassion associated with Neptune and he isn’t faking any of his feelings about helping the underdog. The downside of Neptune is obfuscation and he did get into the problem of plagiarizing some speeches years ago.

Biden also comes from lifetimes with heavy Aquarian energy, His South Node in is in Aquarius giving him a memory of a lifetime of compassion and caring for humanity. His North Node, Leo in the 9th, drives him to make his presence known on the world scene.

Secretary of State Clinton has a lot more Scorpio to “overcome” and I fear that the natural Scorpio secretiveness which got her in trouble during the health care debates of the ‘90s is rearing its head again in the current “email scandal.” She comes across as untrustworthy, as sneaky and as too secretive. These, sadly, are shadow traits of too much Scorpio energy. While the Vice President has gregarious Sagittarius as his rising or personality sign, Hillary has Scorpio on the cusp of the first. The secretiveness of her personal planets (Sun, Venus and Mercury) is compounded. In addition, she has Scorpio also in the first as her South Node or past life indicator.

Scorpio South Node in the first makes her almost karmically addicted to secretiveness and drama. Her past lives were all about being in the center of passion and angst. The mysterious entity always in the middle of the “juicy stuff of life.”


If I could give her one word of karmic benefit it would be NOT to run for President and go toward her North node which is Taurus in the 7th – meaning finding yourself at peace and joy in her body (and not some unknown unending drama) and with others. Taurus cares about the good life – good food, good people, peaceful times. She needs to leave the drama behind find peace something she won’t do in the middle of the mysteries of politics.

Karmicaly, it would be best for each if he followed Leo to the center of the world politics and she followed Taurus to the pasture of peace.