Speaking of Lunar Eclipses…Trump was born on Lunar Eclipse

Categories: Astrology in History and Evolutionary Astrology.

We just experienced a lunar eclipse on Friday. Astrologically, eclipses galvanize energy. During a lunar eclipse the Sun is on one Node and the Moon conjunct the other making the spiritual and emotional karmic energy in the chart extremely intense. The North Node indicates the soul lessons we should be learning in this lifetime. The South Node shows our past life or karmic indicators.

A person born on a lunar eclipse should study the balance between the rational element of their personality and that which is emotional.  Born with the Moon conjunct the South Node, a person faces the necessity to balance the emotion nature they used with great ease in the past. Are those emotional energies stuck in the past or are they moving forward?

Since the eclipse is Lunar, the Moon takes a prominent role. Either the person will be rocketed out of the past emotional patterns or embrace them more deeply. It is better to use the energy of the eclipse during your lifetime to learn new emotional responses to boost you into new awareness.

That brings me to Donald Trump who was born during a lunar eclipse with the Moon just one degree away from his south Node. Raised with privilege and advantages, he had the opportunity to explore, learn and reevaluate his base emotional responses. Coming from lifetimes of Sagittarius he is used to telling people close to him that he knows how to take care of their needs. In fact, his entire campaign mantra of “I alone know” how to do any number of things was a testimony to his past lives.

Of course, the universe wants us to move forward. There is evidence that at one point Trump was much more progressive. However, he knew that he could only gain his ultimate prize, the presidency, by becoming the authoritarian leader so beloved by the evangelical Republican base. By reverting to that emotional safety of his South Node, Sagittarius and repeating past life patterns of being the one who has all of the knowledge, he did succeed.

Was his decision beneficial for his soul progression? Hardly. Reverting to our South Node, stops all lessons and growth. Was his decision beneficial for this incarnation? It depends on your measure of success. He won what he sought. However, at what cost and ramifications? Sadly, we are about to find out.

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