The “Blood Lunar Eclipse” – July 27 – Find Your Inner Aquarius

Those of you who have been with me a long time know that I hate astrological hyperbole. I despise people who write about semi-sextiles and quincunxes and all of this nonsense instead of just using normal words everyone can understand. So you know that I am not too thrilled with all of the hype about the blood lunar eclipse.

First, during all lunar eclipses the Moon appears to turn red. The Moon has no light of its own and just reflects the Sun. When the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon it cuts off the “white” light of the Sun and appears reddish. This is nothing special to this eclipse regarding color.

This will be a longer than usual eclipse – starting on July 27 and ending the next day. The Moon, in astrology, rules our intuition and emotion. It is a very feminine energy of inward feeling and deep connection to the universe.

The Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius on July 27th. I like to think of it as a good preparation for the next few years when first Saturn and then Pluto leave the authoritarian sign of Capricorn and move in Aquarius. Right now we are knee deep on these two karmic planets forcing us to face issues of patriarchy and authoritarianism. How is that going?

Aquarius forces us to face our compassion our humanitarianism. This is the sign that wants us to work together to make positive advances. I, for one, can’t wait until we move into a more Aquarian energy!

During this lunar eclipse, why not work on the deep intuitive ways you can bring the positive energy of Aquarius into your life now. Don’t we all need it?

Ready for the Lunar Eclipse Today?

Find you Moon! 

We are hearing so much about the solar eclipse happening later this month that some are forgetting about the lunar eclipse occurring on August 7.  This is an Aquarius eclipse – the sign of innovation, rebellion, hyper-intelligence and originality. Where the eclipse occurs in your chart is a terrific place to re-invent and revive your emotional responses to life!

Because Neptune and Pluto will be intersecting the path of the eclipse this would be a perfect time to assess the emotional responses you are (or not having) toward your spiritual practices. Are you just going through the motions or you deeply feeling what you are doing? Perhaps it is time to revive some of what you are doing to really connect with spirit! 

Speaking of Lunar Eclipses…Trump was born on Lunar Eclipse

We just experienced a lunar eclipse on Friday. Astrologically, eclipses galvanize energy. During a lunar eclipse the Sun is on one Node and the Moon conjunct the other making the spiritual and emotional karmic energy in the chart extremely intense. The North Node indicates the soul lessons we should be learning in this lifetime. The South Node shows our past life or karmic indicators.

A person born on a lunar eclipse should study the balance between the rational element of their personality and that which is emotional.  Born with the Moon conjunct the South Node, a person faces the necessity to balance the emotion nature they used with great ease in the past. Are those emotional energies stuck in the past or are they moving forward?

Since the eclipse is Lunar, the Moon takes a prominent role. Either the person will be rocketed out of the past emotional patterns or embrace them more deeply. It is better to use the energy of the eclipse during your lifetime to learn new emotional responses to boost you into new awareness.

That brings me to Donald Trump who was born during a lunar eclipse with the Moon just one degree away from his south Node. Raised with privilege and advantages, he had the opportunity to explore, learn and reevaluate his base emotional responses. Coming from lifetimes of Sagittarius he is used to telling people close to him that he knows how to take care of their needs. In fact, his entire campaign mantra of “I alone know” how to do any number of things was a testimony to his past lives.

Of course, the universe wants us to move forward. There is evidence that at one point Trump was much more progressive. However, he knew that he could only gain his ultimate prize, the presidency, by becoming the authoritarian leader so beloved by the evangelical Republican base. By reverting to that emotional safety of his South Node, Sagittarius and repeating past life patterns of being the one who has all of the knowledge, he did succeed.

Was his decision beneficial for his soul progression? Hardly. Reverting to our South Node, stops all lessons and growth. Was his decision beneficial for this incarnation? It depends on your measure of success. He won what he sought. However, at what cost and ramifications? Sadly, we are about to find out.

trump Trump

Friday – Lunar Eclipse – Time of Action:

This Friday February 10, the Earth will position directly between the Sun and Moon causing a lunar eclipse. This is a penumbral eclipse meaning the Moon will go through the outer band of the shadow of Earth caused by the eclipse. An umbral eclipse is deeper but all lunar eclipses are a time to initiation action.

Astrologically, an eclipse is a time of activation. We need to go inside – to the dark side, if you will – and understand where we are stuck. Whatever mechanism you use to get in touch with your inner fears and knowledge work to help you understand where the stagnant energy resides.

For this eclipse the Moon is in Leo, the sign of creative emergence. Leo wants attention and asks you to express your creative, productive and sexual energy in a way that makes an impact. Whatever house your Moon transits during the eclipse illustrates where you can improve. For me the Moon will be the tenth house, the house that pushes us into the government and social arena. With all of the protesting I have been doing, this surprised me but obviously, I need to hone that energy even more – and I believe it is being less scattershot in my protest. I need that Leo energy of the Sun to direct my approach as sharply and direct as one of its rays.

Knowing the house placement of your transiting Moon during this eclipse will help bring you to a place of positive action.

People in Eastern North America, and all of Central and South America, will have the best view of the eclipse. The Moon will “rise” at 5:33 PM Eastern time. You should be able to see it dim and turn gray as the full eclipse occurs.

Moon Saturn April 16

By now you know to look for the lunar eclipse on the night of April 14 – into the 15th, however, the “Moon Show” continues for the rest of the week.  On the night of April 16, the waning gibbous moon will be in conjunction with Saturn. Astrologically all I can say is Oye – hang onto your emotions. Saturn has a depressing effect on us and, of course, the Moon is the controller of the emotions. 

Toward the end of the week, Jupiter and Mars will be making a square  – yes, start signing that ’60’s song they aren’t aligned but we need a sign a bit during this!  Oh but I failed to mention that Mars will be in retrograde until  May 20. So we have inverted aggression aligning with the planet of expansion a week before the Grand Cross comes to full power. In my case, someone who inflicted past hurts on me in the pass reared their ugly head and brought it all up again. Anger, aggression turned inward – and expanding forward. As I said Oye.

The chart below shows how that Grand Cross – Pluto, Jupiter Mars and Uranus are almost at a complete square to one another. 

Just being aware of these sky movements and looking at how these planets are instigating your chart will help get through the next few weeks. 

April Lunar Eclipse – One of Many

There will be four almost total eclipses of the Moon in 2014- 2015 and all will be visible from almost every place in the Northern Hemisphere. That is an amazing occurrence. The first will be on April 15, 2014, another on Oct. 8, 2014, the third on April 4, 2015, and finally on Sept. 28 2015.

In Astrology and eclipse is a wonderfully energetic time – it is a time to use that energy in the sky to start something new. Think of the movement of the eclipse – the Moon disappears and then returns anew. A Lunar Eclipse can only happen when the Moon is “full.” The Moon passes behind the Earth thus allowing the Earth to block the Sun’s rays. All three bodies, Earth, Sun, and Moon are in close alignment. It is a time to question alignments – and balance in your life.

The April 15, 2014 eclipse will be a part of this much talked about grand cross happening in the sky. It will be a cardinal eclipse, in the cardinal signs of Libra and Aries. Cardinal signs are energetic –they want to take action. The Aries Libra axis is known as the me to we axis. The question to be asked during this alignment is, am I in balance – am I giving enough to myself and to others – am I giving too much in either of these areas? 
This is a general graph of the eclipse over the Washington, D.C. area. Notice the cross made to the opposing Pluto – Jupiter. This is a time of tension between old and new spiritual beliefs. However, it is more important to look to the house the eclipse falls in your natal chart… Does the eclipse fall on a planet in your natal chart? This is the best way to use the energy of the eclipse.

Some people fear eclipses but I have to tell you I am so tired of fear driven Astrology. Yes, the grand cross will bring issues (Malaysia 370 for one.) Yes, eclipses are a time of shift and change – but we need change or we become stuck. Take the benefits of all of that cardinal energy to make real changes in your life.

Happy Full Aries Moon – And an Eclipse

Tonight at 7;38 PM Eastern – we will experience a lunar eclipse and a full Moon in Aries. This is a Hunter’s Moon, a signal to the ancients that is time to store food for the winter. It is also called a Blood Moon. How appropriate that this year it is in Aries. Aries is the sign of action, movement and initiation so this a wonderful time to commit to follow your goals. No excuses.

With the Sun in Libra, this is also a time to balance your needs (Aries) with others (Libra.)Compromise, balance and effort – geez I wish this Moon had come about two weeks ago over Washington! On second thought – we need more than a full Moon to fix that bunch.

Lunar Eclipse Coming – Rebels Unite :)

At 9;44 AM Eastern time on November 28th there will be a full lunar eclipse. The Moon will be in Gemini, the Sun, of course, moved into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving. That is a lot of mutable energy. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Signs are either cardinal which is leadership energy, fixed which is stable and unmovable energy and mutable which is an adjustable -get along – kind of energy.

Sadly, lunar eclipses have traditionally been associated with “dark energy” – gee could it be because the Moon is a feminine energy? Solar eclipses are “male” – creating action and change. Today we look at lunar eclipses as a time for inner change – a time to go inside and explore instead of exerting outward energy.

Don’t expect big revelations with this eclipse because of the mutability, however, it s a perfect time to do some evaluating of issues on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, such as how you use your words, how you educate yourself and more importantly how you find and speak your truth.

The Moon will be in conjunction to the asteroid Lilith, the black moon, which is the ultimate rebellious woman and Jupiter, the expansive, truth seeking planet. Although Jupiter is still in retrograde* use this time to find your inner rebel and ways to express her.

Remember the saying goes, well behaved women rarely make history —- or come into their own!

*Jupiter is the last of the big, slower, outer planets that will be shifting signs and will do so in 2013. Look forward to some interesting Jupiter energy which I will discussing in the future.

Venus Retrograde at the Eclipse

I got an anonymous comment regarding my post last week in which the person said I should have spoken more about Venus being in retrograde during the lunar eclipse. OK so here we go. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. Astronomically, Venus is passing between the Sun and Moon. Venus is the epitome of feminine energy and deals with beauty, art, sex and, oh yes, money. The Moon is our emotional barometer and the Sun is our inner drive – our internal energy engine. Venus is in Gemini, the sign that controls contracts, communications and the flow of money – the system of money. So we have sex, money and emotions all in a backwards motion. Venus retrograde is a time where you might find some karmic romantic relationships popping up or find issues that you have buried coming home to roost. Don’t be surprised to have karmic issues surrounding money and love. When the eclipse happened all sorts of emotional baggage came up surrounding money and contracts because of the Gemini influence – hello Facebook IPO! Venus will stay in retrograde until June 5 so watch for this energy to persist until then. Watch your money, watch your love life and look out for karma until then!

Lunar Eclipse June 4.

Now that we have just come through the solar eclipse we are gearing up for the lunar one! A partial lunar eclipse will take place on June 4, 2012. Although it will only be visible in Europe, East Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific and a small portion of the Americas the energy will be felt by all of us. An eclipse of the Moon takes place when the Moon is “full” and can only occur ifthe Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow. The closer the Moon is to the center of the shadow, the more total the eclipse. Astrologicaly speaking a lunar eclipse is a great time for new beginnings mostly because it can bring about some hum dinger of endings. When the Moon is “full” it is opposite the Sun – so there is a disconnect between emotions and action. It can be a time when all of those annoying little things at work or in a partner really hit home. If you are born during a lunar eclipse expect to have some emotional explosions throughout your life as you will be wrestling with this emotiona-action energy during your lifetime. So if you want to avoid fights or lose your job – hang tight for a few days around the eclipse! Then again if you are itching for a fight…………………….