Angela Lansbury and Karmic Weddings

I did another weekly report for this week and it got me thinking about the Astrology of marriage.

I also had the great good fortune to see Dame Angela Lansbury in Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” this weekend at the National Theatre. Ms. Lansbury returned to the theater a few years ago following the death of her husband of 54 years, Peter Shaw.

The longevity of their marriage make them rather unique marriage for Hollywood especially because both partners were in show business so I decided to peek into Dame Lansbury’s chart. Not surprisingly, I discovered that theirs was a marriage most karmic in nature.


Angela Lansbury

Dame Lansbury has Aquarius opening her seventh house, the house of marriage and close relationships. She was never going to have a “normal” marriage – and indeed her first husband left her after one year because he was gay. They eloped when she was 18, he was 25, and he left her a note saying he could not continue in the charade. They did remain friends until his death in 1960. Again, that is not a normal state of affairs.

Her second marriage to Mr. Shaw was in her own words, “perfect.” If that isn’t unique, I don’t know what is!

The karmic connection comes in from Ms. Lansbury’s South Node, her past life indicator also being in Aquarius. She knew both of these men in the past and was continuing with them for better or worse – or perhaps worse and then better.

By the way, sturdy Capricorn on her sixth house cusp, the house of health and healing, is one key to her longevity. As someone who has always wanted to be here when she grew up, I am very grateful to Capricorn.