The Election….the election

What else is on our minds these days —other than, yes, COVID 19?

What will the results be?? The answer is up to us — and Pluto. Deep in his South Node, with his refusal to move into his Gemini North, Donald Trump should have a most difficult time this election. However, there is something else at play here. Pluto.

Yes, Pluto -we as a nation, are in our full return of that unrelenting planet. Pluto demands change, demands that we come face to face with our secrets so that we remove them. Are we doing Pluto’s command? Are we changing and removing our secrets or racism and economic inequality? Are we all working for a more just society?

There in lies the answer to the election. What are we doing to answer Pluto’s demand that we live up to the ideals we have been touting for 200 years.

A Week of Creative Energy

If you want to get a head start on your holiday crafting, or some other such task, make some time this week to go at it. Venus and Jupiter are hugging close to each other in adventurous Sagittarius right now. Venus brings the creativity and Jupiter brings it up several notches. Go ahead, try that gingerbread house that you have had tucked away for years. You have help to make it great!

A Time to Confront the (Painful)Past

Mars is making a very difficult transit to Pluto this week. Don’t underestimate the power of these two. Before, the discovery of Pluto, Mars ruled both Aries and Scorpio. Now Pluto has domain over Scorpio so they are acquainted and powerful.

This is a time that can bring up buried, even karmic anger and cause flash points and angry flareups.

It is better to work through anger – and try to gently bring up what you have buried. Don’t let these two cause you to make matters worse by lashing out at others who may not even be the cause of your pain.

Take the positive road and see where you can heal.

Moon Mercury – Conjunction

The Moon and Mercury are conjunct in Scorpio right now. The good is that it is a good time to think about the emotions (Moon) that are deep-seated and festering (Scorpio) and devise a way to express them in a positive fashion.

Of course, we can go haywire and just blurt out every hateful feeling we every had at the most inappropriate way possible! The choice is always ours.

P.S. If you are wondering why government secrets are coming to light right now just look at these two in action

Aries Full Moon – October 13


Just in time for Halloween let’s explore the full Moon in Aries?  Aries is all about courage and direction and finding the strength to fight your fight and blaze your paths.

This Moon will square the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that we have been dealing with for a good part of this year. A square is a disharmony – like sand rubbing on the oyster. Aries – direct, aggressive action. is rubbing against challenges to authority and power. This is not for the weak! However, if you have the courage to continue digging, you might be able to find some root causes of where you have allowed authority-figures/society block your self direction.

Don’t howl at this Moon, use it to go way inside yourself.

What is Pluto Bringing with Dragging to the Surface as He Goes Direct?

Quick! Think about the self-authority, self direction and/or power issues that are bubbling to the surface for you now. What power struggles, domination problems being thrown in your face?

These are the concerns that you have been hiding and which Pluto has been plowing through as he went retrograde a few months ago. Now as he “comes to the surface” again – so will thee problems.

Who is blocking your personal power? Or I should say who are you allowing to do that to you? Where are you still follow authority? Are you still listening to childhood tapes in your head?

This is the time to gain control – put those tapes behind you – demand your own rules and self authority. If not, those issues will go full blast when Pluto and Saturn go conjunct in January.

Saturn Has Moved Out of Retrograde.

Can you tell? Think about what I have been saying about the dance of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is in Capricorn now, the sign it rules, so the emphasis on authority, the government….everything that “keeps us in line” in this linear, physical world. When it goes into retrograde, it digs deep into the dark underbelly of those area – and ferrets out the secrets. When it moves out of retrograde, it brings those secrets with him. See what I mean?

Now we just have to wait for Pluto to go direct soon to see what we are going to do with those deep dark secrets that were just uncovered.

Remember, Pluto and Saturn have just begun to dance.

Squaring Off Jupiter and Neptune.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This is interesting because both are “home,” in the constellations they rule. Sagittarius makes Jupiter even more optimistic and expansive and Neptune is at her most compassionate and spiritual in Pisces. When these two are at a disharmonious aspect, or square, you can feel overwhelmed with ideas – you want to take on this task, you want to go help the group – but it all seems too much. Use this time to prioritize your goals and realize that you can’t do it all! Don’t waste this energy!!

Saturn Calms Down

Saturn goes direct

Saturn stationed direct on September 5, meaning that it stops the retrograde motion and appears to be standing still. It won’t be until September 18 that it “moves forward” again in Capricorn. A Saturn retrograde can be tough as it forces us to dig deeply into issues of authority in all forms – authority we give to others and that which we allow ourselves.Saturn makes us look at where we are slacking off and not “adulting.” Face it, none of us want to see that but we have to. 

Saturn remains in Capricorn, which is his happy place. This is the land of “do things by the book, follow the rules and be a good citizen. While it is good to see where we are losing ground in this area, it is also important to make sure that we are not always beating ourselves up for every mis-step. 

Balance – that is the key. Keep that it mind as Saturn emerges. 

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