The Election….the election

What else is on our minds these days —other than, yes, COVID 19?

What will the results be?? The answer is up to us — and Pluto. Deep in his South Node, with his refusal to move into his Gemini North, Donald Trump should have a most difficult time this election. However, there is something else at play here. Pluto.

Yes, Pluto -we as a nation, are in our full return of that unrelenting planet. Pluto demands change, demands that we come face to face with our secrets so that we remove them. Are we doing Pluto’s command? Are we changing and removing our secrets or racism and economic inequality? Are we all working for a more just society?

There in lies the answer to the election. What are we doing to answer Pluto’s demand that we live up to the ideals we have been touting for 200 years.