“I Have A Dream” Neptune’s Whisper

I have been so taken by the Inauguration of President Lincoln, I mean President Obama, and the talk of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” and the dream realized that I took at look at the astrology behind the day.

I was struck with the realization that it was singer Mahalia Jackson who whisper to Dr. King, “tell them about the dream” as he was speaking to the participants in the March on Washington. His “I have a dream” was ad libbed – not a part of the original speech. Amazing. What made her do that – what was the connection between the two?

The problem with the analysis revolved around timing. The accepted data for Dr. King’s birth is Jan 15, 1929 in Atlanta at 12 noon. I am always suspicious about noon birth times as they are the fall back when time is not known. I researched it a bit and found some citations that he was born – around high noon — or “late morning” – so I am not sure if 12 noon is accurate.

We know that Ms. Jackson’s timing is off as well and as I looked on every website and every book I can find and her birth time wasn’t recorded. She was born Oct. 26 (wonderful day :)) 1911 in the “Negro Section” of New Orleans. No one found the need to record the time.

Also, the time of the speech is fuzzy. The closest information I got was from going back to a “New York Times’ piece and it said the people marched to Washington and were addressed by Dr. King – later that afternoon. I chose 4p as a time but again that is a guess.The date was August 28, 1963 in Washington DC.

Sadly I was not an enlightened 7 year old so I don’t remember hearing the speech first hand.
OK that being said when I ran a triwheel of the three – his known birth information, hers and a transit chart for the stars and planets overhead when he made the speech.

But what I did find is in a way even more interesting.The North Node was transiting the 3rd house on that day — what a way to say a speech will live in the evolution of the planet, right? Ms. Jackson’s Neptune was close to Dr. King’s Pluto – (and may even be closer than the charts show considering the time difference) – so I can almost see Neptune (dreams) reaching over and and nudging his Pluto, his transformative planet. “Tell them about your dream Martin,” – Neptune nudging Pluto to make a great transformation for all of us – making this transformative speech for the ages.

Dr. King had Saturn in the his 8th house, the house of change and transformation – the house of power and powerful transformation – in Sagittarius – the sign of expansion, growth and cultural understanding. At the time of the speech, Ms. Jackson had her Sagittarius Moon transiting his Saturn – (can you hear the emotion in her voice – “Tell them about your dream, Martin.” Now is the moment – seize the emotions – and then on the transit chart we see Moon conjucting her natal Moon also in Sagittarius. To me the arrow – the glyph of Sag. is like a arrow shooting from his Saturn – and giving structure to her and our dreams for cultural unity.