It is the karma Mitt

Sometimes Astrology makes me laugh out loud. I can’t “predict” who is going to win Michigan tonight mostly because we don’t have a full chart on Santorum. (Since he doesn’t have a full deck to play with I guess that is fair.) However, and this is what made me laugh, looking at Mitt Romney’s current situation it seems that he is dealing with a bit of karma.

I know triwheels can be confusing – but what this is showing is his birth chart way in the center, his progressed planets – how they have moved since he was born – and the big wheel on the outside is current planet placements in the sky. Just look at the 12th house, it is opened by Aries, but then Taurus comes in and intercepts it. (I am working with the cusp wheel – the thin wheel running around the outside.) All interceptions show a pause for karma.

So right now he is dealing with karma around Aries and the 12th house and Libra and the 6th house. Libra intercepted on the 6th house means that is now dealing with karma around being of proper service to people in the past. So even in the past he was polishing his cars instead of being taking care of his fellow Man and now it is coming home to roost. Aries intercepted on the 12th points to someone who was too involved with self and not with “the brotherhood of Man.”

It seems he can’t help talking about his wealthy life – he can’t help showing his disconnect right now. This phase will pass by mid March – will it be too late? Will he be able to make amends for all the dopey, snobby things he is saying now? I don’t know but I do know that this is a lovely manifestation of karma in action!

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