Jupiter Retrograded in Aries

Jupiter is ruled by fire sign Sagittarius, Mars by fire sign Aries. This should be a time of growth, expansion, travel, learning; anything that brings us beyond our known circle of knowledge (Jupiter) with a strong energy or zeal (Mars.) Here we are challenged to gain some new piece of information; to grow intellectually, and spiritually.

Since late July until mid November, it has been retrograded. What does it mean when they go inward in retrograde? When we have a fire, fire retrograde it very simply is a sign to “cool our jets.” It is asking us to take stock of all of our forward, expansion movement, is it worth it? Are we on the right path?

This retrograde will push Jupiter all the way back to placid Pisces. It moves into Pisces on October 28 and stations direct there finally on November 23. Pisces is our connection to the “god-source” of spirituality and creativity. What better time for us to re-evaluate the goals of our searching? Are we spending our time studying and expanding to the correct ends?

That is the question we have several months to ask ourselves. Let’s make the best of it.