In Case You Wonder Why King Charles Has a Tough Time

King Charles III is a part of the Scorpio/Taurus South Node people born in the 1947 -49-time range who have a tough time in the public eye. Like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, he is coming from extremely dramatic, very intense Scorpio and should be on the learning curve of leaving that energy behind and moving to placid Taurus. Gore would have been better served to be the voice of the environmental movement, and Clinton an Earth-mother healer. However, their attempts to stay in the drama and fight of politics served up some terrific personal pain. Charles, hasn’t much choice, however, being born into royalty. Certainly, he was caught up in some heavy martial drama in the 80s and 90s. That had Scorpio written all over it. Does he stand a chance to rule in his Taurus North Node? Of course, we all do. There is always time to move into our North Node. With his Moon also in Taurus, his passion for the planet, plants and the environment is real. Also, his Node and Moon are in the 10th House, which signifies our lifestyle – our public life… he can be known as the environmental king! However, he has to watch his usual pit falls. Leo rising, with his Sun in the 5th House, he enjoys the world stage – although he might not like the questioning that comes with it. (Charles would be a terrible American politician.) However, with Pluto in the first house, he has a hard time defining himself. (One of the big problems with his personal life was his constant dithering and inability to state his love for Camilla from the beginning.) It also doesn’t help that his Venus is in co-dependent Venus next to confusing Neptune. (I remember being one of the few astrologers saying from the beginning that his marriage to Diana was a going to be a disaster.) Also, Chiron, the symbol of the separated wound in our charts, is right next to the Sun. Hopefully, he is still not separated from his Sun inner core energy and finally knows who he is. Charles has a good deal of planets in fixed signs, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Ascendant. These make it hard to change. We will know soon if he has finally defined who he is and is ready to be known as the environment king or the permanent ditherer.