Mars Go Into Peaceful Pisces Until Nov. 15

I am sure we are all tired of Mars doing the tango with unpredictable Aquarius.  There has been a bit too much upheaval in the world lately. With the Saturn/Pluto retrogrades in full gear don’t expect too much of a slow down of intensity – but Pisces is a place for Mars to rest, regroup and do something he hates – reflect and forgive.

Mars is aggression, action and movement but Pisces tones down that energy and asks you to think first and then act.

He can also ask us to become a “spiritual warrior” when in this position. He can help us turn our energy into a forward spiritual task – to undertake some sort of class, lesson, task that enhances your inner journey. Of course, those who feel they are righteous and correct in their beliefs to a fault will be willing to fight for their right to impose their will on others.

This is an interesting event to have during the Midterm elections. You will have people who are voting to make America gentle again and those who are voting to make it a religious caliphate. Who will win? It all comes down to turn out