Neptune Gone Backward

Astrologers seem to be rightfully focused on the Pluto retrograde we are experiencing. However, there is a strong retrograde of Neptune that has been in effect since June and will remain until Thanksgiving.

Neptune is the herald of our spiritual life and where, when we are stuck on the Earthly plane, we would like to escape. It represents illusions, dreams and the obfuscations we allow ourselves to accept.

For the United States, this retrograde is happening in the third house, that of community, close friends and siblings. You can see us searching for a sense of community – who is in our community – how do we react when communities are attacked or separated? We think we are a country that protects communities, allows people to grow and find opportunity but now that is under attack. We see the illusion of our belief.

Do we fight to make the illusion a reality or allow the dream to die?

That is one of many questions we face this year.