While everyone is always in a tizzy about Mercury when he goes retro, the real work is done by the biggies. Pluto has been in retrograde for most of the year and will finally station direct in Capricorn (yes, he is still in Capricorn) on October 8. This retrograde came at a time when America is in her Pluto return.

What will happen on October 8? Will the skies open up and truth and enlightenment in our government pour through? Oh, if it was that easy. However, watch for more information coming out – more secrets being revealed. Remember, the work is done during the retrograde, the actions come after the planet goes direct.

I am speaking, of course, on a national level above but on a personal level, where does Pluto land in your chart? What work have you been doing to stamp out the fear and “lack pattern” caused by Pluto? Now is the time to come to terms with the work you need to do to strengthen your Plutoian response – in other words – your power revitalization.