Oh Aries You Little Devil….

courtesy of Arlenew.com

Happy New Year all! And what a year it is going to be. We came through that Mars/Pluto conjunction with a huge Wikileaks “attack” and bombings in various places. I don’t know how it manifested in your chart. For me it has been a lingering cough triggered in my throat. Pluto – Mars were passing through my 3rd house – the house of communications which vibrates to Mercury and controls the throat area.

So what is coming up? Aries will be on the march that is what is coming up! On January 20th Jupiter will move into Aries but will only stay for 5 months. That is about one half the time Jupiter spends in a sign and that is a big key – movement and speed. Jupiter in this fire sign of masculine energy indicates a time of new raw expression of and seeking of truth. In my chart Jupiter is conjunct Pluto – the instrument of transformation so I see a great time of personal growth and expansion.

This Aries influence will just increase as the year continues so by the new Moon on April 2, Mars, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury and the asteroids Lilith and Eros will join Jupiter in Aries. I am sorry but you will really have to be dead not to feel this influence on Aries warrior energy on the personal planets. More interestingly, over Washington, D.C. that Aries stellium will be in the 8th house of house of power, sexuality, and death – all of those fun issues. Can you just see the power struggles and testosterone eruptions that will take place on Capitol Hill?

Let’s hope that is all that manifests. Remember the Civil War, Revolutionary War and Mexican/American Wars all started in April. It is as if the rope is stretched so tightly and then Aries cause the spark that burns the last thread.

On the positive side this is a time of new beginnings or new growth but that can cause painful breaks with the past. Remember the old saying, “out of pain comes growth.” Riding this crescent of energy can be a fun ride if we are aware of what is happening and staying in the positive aspect of Aries – which is the courage to take the lead in life and not the negative warrior energy it can also embody.