Robin Williams – The Two Faces of Pisces Duality and Ultimate Triumph

Ah, another great talent and great humanitarian gone. I don’t know why great talent is hindered by great torment.
His addiction problems are evident to even the most neophyte of astrologers with his Pisces Moon, Neptune in the 12th house. Neptune rules Pisces and vibrates to the 12th house – that is just a lot of Pisces with all of its escapist, addictive tendencies, for one person to handle. Pisces is a sign of duality symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. It is a tough sign to handle here on Earth.
The great ability to take on so many personas on stage and play so many varied roles is clearly seen in his Pluto Mercury conjunction in the ever “on stage” 10th house. Pluto the change artist and Mercury the communicator together in Leo – the sign of creativity in the house that seeks societal approval was just one key to his talent.
What I find most poignant about his chart is his Pisces North Node. Robin’s past life indicator (his South Node) was Virgo in the 11thhouse – meaning that he came from a life of service in which he sought to perfect himself. In fact, Virgo can be quite the task master, always critical, always demanding perfection to a person. He spent lifetimes managing his social circle (11th house) – keeping them together, doing everything to keep his friends – his tribe – happy and functioning. You know the guy who always plans the birthdays, keeps everyone in touch.
In this lifetime he needed to learn the lessons of Pisces North Node in the 5th house. The 5th is the house of personal creativity and Pisces is an expansive sign. Moving from Virgo to Pisces one must broaden themselves – jump into the bigger world. These are the notes I made when studying this nodal placement. “This person must learn that all the world is a stage and everyone is a player. There is no need to stay in control of his little group but learn that personal, creative expression is the highest path to God. One way they can do this is to reach people with great art.”
For all of his Pisces demons, no one with a heart or brain can doubt that Robin Williams fulfilled his soul’s evolutionary goal in this lifetime and brought joy to millions by doing so. RIP.

2 thoughts on “Robin Williams – The Two Faces of Pisces Duality and Ultimate Triumph”

  1. Great reading . Iv been wondering about this chart since it happened.esp on this Super moon in Aquarius. It was opposing his Pluto/Moon.
    I hv always been conflicted about my North Node on Ascendant in Sag. Any input here wd b appreciated.
    My son also had Pisces Moon and he was a leo. Taurus asc. He took his life as well.

  2. Yes I didn’t do a current chart transit on him but I am sure there had to be some Moon issue going on. I am a North Node Sag person- I haven’t seen your chart but we are here to find context, find our true beliefs and put them into play in our lives.

    I can do a full chart analysis on you if you wish – check out the order form on blog.. THANKS

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