Sandy is NOT the Election Day Mercury Retrograde

OK I have been getting questions this weekend about Sandy being the result of Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. In a word, nope. First, Mercury isn’t “stormy”. Storms from the sea are a Neptune thing – remember his name was Poseidon under the Greeks? Right now Neptune has just slide into Pisces, the sign it rules, and is retrograded, so there is a lot of funky negative power churning there. 
Also, Mercury is so small and fast moving that, unlike the bigger guys, his energy is not felt early so it is not the rumblings of him soon to turn retrograde. Whatever happens on Election Day because of Mercury retrograde will be felt only then. I think the retrograde will show with voter suppression tactics and people “playing” with polling booths. My hope is that Pluto in Capricorn will reveal these tactics as it has been with the nonsense going on in Florida and the courts overturning the attempts to keep people from the polls in Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
FYI, Neptune is transiting President Obama’s 1st house so it will affect his ability to express himself (although he can overcome that with a kick ass emergency work.) From Romney it is in his 10th house the house of government and career…so of course I hope it will put a damper (sorry for the pun, sort of) on his career desires.
To that, please take a look at Mitt’s belief on the role of Federal emergency response!

After all, Mercury IS the communicator!

Stay safe all.