Sun Conjunct Lillith

The Black Moon Lillith is one of the coolest aspects of Astrology. It represents our deepest, one might say most primitive of emotions. In some versions of the Hebrew Bible, Lillith was intended to be the mate of Adam. However, she had a different idea of how her life should be – there was none of this, “helpmate” nonsense in her lexicon. She rebelled and was often cast as a “fallen or evil women.” She certainly did not have the virtues so treasured in Eve.

Lillith, in our birth charts represents our wild side – what we bury and repress – where we want to be the “bad on” that society denounces. She is where we want to be cool…and a bit of the bohemian.

On Mar 5, 2021, the Sun conjuncts Lillith, so the energy of our inner essence collides with this wild child. You might feel a touch of “Spring Magic.” However, it manifests, it is good to get a little glimpse at your wild side –but don’t go too wild!