This is Fake News: the Seven Planets in Aquarius

You might have seen some rather austere looking web entries saying that in February we will have 7 planets in Aquarius! It then goes on to say the last time this happened was during the plague in the Middle Ages and it saw the end of the Great Plague and the start of the Renaissance. Sounds great, right? One problem, it is a pile of wrong.

While it is rare to have that many signs in Aquarius, it happened as recently as February 1962. The Cuban Missile Crises happened that fall. So while it is good while it lasts, don’t believe all the nonsense about this ushering some time of peace and joy for all for years to come.

Take advantage of it and I am sure it will help usher in more and more adaptive vaccines – but not a wild new age of rebirth. We have to work on making that happen