Part of Fortune

With all of the bad news in the world, riots, earthquakes, the GOP Presidential Debate, I decided to talk about good news – or the Part of Fortune. Besides, I promised last week this would be an easy one.

The Part of Fortune is an astrological marking shown on your chart as a circle with an X in the middle – and indicates where we get karmic reward. Can’t beat that! If you happen to have a Part of Fortune in Aquarius in the seventh house then you will have karmic rewards that come from close relationships. If it appears in your first house, however, then your “luck” would come from expressing your own self assertive, independent energy. However, in the eighth house look for it to come from insurance, other people’s money.

A fifth house Part of Fortune brings reward through creative energy and the 6th when you dedicate to self improvement and hard work. The second house you can be lucky with money or sudden “fortune” but the third will come through your intellect. When in the fourth house the Part shows the way when you get in touch with your emotional center – your roots.

The ninth house Part of Fortune triggers when you head out on your search for truth, but the 10th house only when you involve yourself in some endeavor that benefits society. Groups will bring the Part’s effects to you if it is the 11th but the 12th house is all about meditation and solitude.

So take a look at where your Part of Fortune is located and then see if you are working to help it work its magic for you!

Back to Basics

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Hi, before I start, take a look back at my Jan. 24 entry about Neptune and Pisces and look what is going on in the Middle East. Neptune hasn’t even gotten into Pisces yet, that will happen in April, but see how the energy is stimulating those people who have just had enough of living under dictatorships and are willing to risk it all for freedom.

Did you ever wonder where it all began? Who started this Astrology thing? Well, we give credit to the Sumerians who lived about 8,500 years ago. They devised the twelve house system based on archetypal energies. (They devised it or were the first to write it down in a form that has survived.) Twelve is a mystical number – like the numbers three and seven, it has a special energetic field. Each house has contains a specific archetypal energy and vibrate to the energy of a specific sign.

The first house vibrates to the energy of Mars and Aries – male aggressive energy – and it controls how we project our personality. The second house vibrates to Taurus and Venus – it deals with possessions and our survival – what goods we need to survive in this world. Three is Gemini – Mercury and deals with our thoughts and gathering knowledge. The fourth contains the energy of home, our roots, and our mother and vibrates to Moon Child and the Moon. Five is all about Leo, Sun energy and handles matters of creativity. Six takes Virgo – Vesta energy and works with our diet and health. Seventh house is personal contracts with people – marriage and business deals and has the energy of Libra and Venus. Eight is all about death and rebirth and dying to the old self and is vibrating with Scorpio – Pluto energy. The ninth house brings us out in the world and sets us on a search for our truth with the help of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Government and societal structure is the domain of the 10th house and is filled with Capricorn – Saturn energy. In the eleventh we find social contacts and group activities spurred on by Aquarian and Uranus energy. Finally in the twelfth house we connect with the collective unconscious with the help of Pisces and Neptune.

It is all energy but then again, isn’t everything?

The House – the angles

As promised I am going to explore each of the houses of the Zodiac. Of course, I won’t go in order – what fun is order? (The darned rising air sign always acts up on me.) However, I am starting with the first house because it is the first of the angular houses – 1, 4, 7 and 10. These are houses of high importance and actually act as anchors of the chart. For instance, yours truly here has NO Earth signs in her char. Not one planet was in an Earth sign when I was born. I am all air and water with a dash of fire thrown in. Now imagine a chart with no Earth to hold it down. I should always “out there” – never focusing – either in the depths of water’s mysteries or just flipping around the atmosphere. (Another reason I hate to go in order.) However, if you look at the angles – the sign on the cusps of those angular houses you see that I have pretty good anchors. Thank the universe for small favors.

My rising sign – is in Libra an air sign, yes but a cardinal sign – a sign of leadership. The cusp* of the 4th house anchor is Capricorn – a cardinal Earth sign which vibrates to Saturn, the task master. My 7th house anchor is Aries – a fire sign but again it is cardinal. Finally my 10th house cusp is Moon Child – another cardinal sign this one in water. I have all 4 cardinal signs on my anchor (angular) houses. These keep me focused – give me a goal and give me the drive to succeed.

Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – are signs of strength and stubbornness and they vibrate to the second, fifth, either and eleventh houses. Mutable, more adaptable, less focused signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces vibrate to the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses.

That is why it is important to look at the entire chart. Without strong angular houses my chart interpretation would be vastly different. Next time, I will look at one of the angular houses…maybe the first; maybe the tenth….depends on how I feel. 🙂

*The cusps are the signs that sit at the door of each house. Look at the small outter wheel on the chart to find them.

What in the universe is a “house”?

You know sometimes the simplest questions never get asked or answered. We astrologers forget that words and phrases we so often toss around without thinking are not ones that everyone else uses in their every day lexicon! Nothing is more annoying that someone addresses me in “shop talk” so I want to take a few minutes today to get back to fundamentals.

For instance, what is a house? The famous song talks about the Moon being in the 7th house. Where is that house, 7 Moon Lane? A house is nothing more than a 30 degree swath of the sky. Because we live on a relatively circular planet that travels in a relatively circular path around the Sun, we perceive the sky above us as a circle and a circle has 360 degrees. Because there are twelve houses, each house is 30 degrees of the circle. But why twelve houses?

The ancient Sumerians and Babylonians are credited with devising the astrological system we now use in the West although it is entirely possible that some other civilization came up with the whole thing and these guys get the credit because they had a written language. So the Sumerians and Babs could have cribbed the whole system from someone else and just wrote it down. Regardless of the oddities lost in the mists of history, twelve is a very powerful number. It is a number that vibrates to the wisdom of a powerful circle. There were twelve tribes in Israel, twelve disciples followed Jesus, there are twelve months in the year, and our modern clock is divided into two groups of twelve hours. It is considered to be the ancient number of completion as it signals the end of childhood and the beginning stages of adulthood. Additionally, the ancient numbering and measuring systems are based on this number, as evidenced by terms such as a dozen (12), a gross (12 times 12), a shilling (12 pence) and a foot (12 inches). So 12 was a number of power, wisdom and a power circle – makes sense they would use it for the zodiac as well. Therefore, the zodiac pie is divided into 12 equal 30 degree pieces.

We anchor that pie in the sky, if you will, with the Eastern and Western horizons. The Eastern horizon is the point where the 1st house begins and then the circle moves in a counter clockwise direction down to the second house and up and around again so that the 12th house borders the first.

Each house influences a part of our life but more on that later. I will spend some time on each house in the next few months.

Happy 4th all — of July not house…although the 4th house vibrates to home, hearth and patriotism!