Grand Cross 2014 – Doomsday???

I recently attended a seminar on the astrology and the chart of the United States. As I mentioned before, the US is coming into its first Pluto Return as a nation and Pluto is a planet that “makes you an offer you can’t refuse – change or else!” With Pluto in our 2nd house of wealth, resources and financial stability it is no wonder that we are experience in great trauma around the banking industry, jobs and savings. When Pluto finally reaches the closest point with our natal Pluto around 2021 we will have undergone a major change in these areas. However, the question that begs is, what kind of change will that be?

Two of the speakers at this seminar, spent their entire segments painting a dire picture of effects of the April 23, 2014 grand cross. A grand cross is when four planets are in opposition to each other. In this case we will have retrograded Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries opposing Mars in Libra. These planets will be in cardinal signs. There are three kinds of signs, mutable, cardinal and fixed. The mutable signs are easy going – go along and get along, The fixed signs have more stubborn in nature and cardinals are the movers the shakers, the doers. Hence, the doom and gloom – the god of War, the god of expansion, the god of quick change and the god of slow change all pulling against each other and in cardinal signs – each grasping for their piece of the pie!

Among the predictions are the collapse of the EU, the fall of the dollar, massive rioting in Spain, Greece and Syria and a new social order rising out of the economic disaster this cross will bring.

I don’t know I am a bit skeptical. I mean Y2K, the Mayans – haven’t we been doomed and gloomed before?  I will say that with Mars in the 2nd and Uranus in the 8th we can see some big movement by the 99 percent against the power of the 1 percent and some major economic upheaval..but is that always a bad thing? Yes, there could be some riots, there could be some economic issues but do I see the total collapse of the Western economic system? I don’t think so.

We have been in a Uranus Pluto square for months and that will continue – which is why nothing has gotten done anywhere for a long time. Jupiter’s expansion will break that energy. So something will happen – and it could be something big but they will have to go a little further to convince me to start hiding my pennies in the mattress.

2011 continued – Aries all Around!


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´╗┐April is always a wild month astrologically. The archetypal energy is of Mars, the god of war. Mars and the sign it rules, Aries, is the epitome of male aggression. We need energy and spunk to make our mark in our world. However, keep in mind the shadow of this is testosterone overload – unbridled aggression and violence. The Revolutionary and Civil Wars started in April. Hitler was born in April just as the Sun was moving out of Aries. Columbine was in April. We invaded Iraq in 2003 under Aries. You get the picture.

It is no surprise, therefore, that we face the coming Stellium of asteroids and planets in Aries with some trepidation.

On April 4th when Neptune moves into spiritual Pisces (see last week’s entry) we will also have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and even the black Moon Lilith all in Aries. Fortunately, most of these are “personal planets” – the inner guys who make the biggest impact on an individual’s chart not the planet as a whole. If you have Aries personal planets or if yours make aspects to Aries – you will be able to start new activities just be sure you don’t fly off the handle for little reasons.  Watch for spikes in personal violence during this time.  Just remember to stay in the light – the energy Aries brings – and not the shadow.

Uranus is Aries is a generational shift – it hangs around a sign for about 7 years. Jupiter stays about a year in each sign.  Uranus and Jupiter will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn – this will be a huge time when the big issues of fairness, justice and truth come to light. I would advise any President of Prime Minister or dictator to be very careful at this time. Any act of dishonesty, any act of underhandedness will see the light. Anyone who acts with extreme individualism will get a good smack in the face.

Uranus in Aries can blaze the trail for social reform and science. Expect to see big breakthroughs in these areas.

It is all about the harnessing of this energy. Those who use it for social good for social justice will blaze new trails in these areas. Those trails will not always be smooth sailing – there can be wars and battles needed to bring about these changes. Anyone who goes to shadow of Aries – who seeks to subjugate freedom and justice – will wreck havoc on the world around them.

Hopefully from this disruption will come the beauty of Neptune in Pisces (see last week) when the spiritual overtakes the illusion.  If we all do our part to try to stay out of the shadow that can happen. Yes, I know, I know — but we can all try.