Jupiter and Saturn Together in Retrograde: Hang ON!

I have been speaking a lot about Jupiter this year and for good reason. We saw the explosion of #METOO when she went into powerful, secretive and sexual Scorpio – bringing forth in a big way (a Jupiter trait) hidden sexual abuse at the hands of the powerful.

Jupiter retrogrades on March 8 and Saturn follows on April 17. While Jupiter is an up and out action – Saturn is inward as he seeks structure and authority.

A retrograde is a time for inward introspection.

Adding these energies together you see that we are coming into a time when that Jupiter energy is going to head deeper into secrets of the powerful and collide with authoritarian Saturn. DO you think #METOO will go away? Do you think the March for our Lives is going away?  While I am against using Astrology to make bets, don’t bet that either of those things will happen.

Look more for an explosion of information and threats to the power structure as these two collide and then reemerge in the fall.

Saturn Stationed Retrograde…

in Sagittarius on March 25 and will remain there until August 13. Saturn is rather a taciturn planet – demanding order and structure while Sagittarius is about adventure and expansion. This is not a constellation in which Saturn “enjoys” hanging.

A Saturn retrograde is a time to analyze how you order your life. Do you miss appointments because you can’t keep your calendar straight? Do you waste time because you can’t get yourself motivated? Are you over structured, over organized – with no time to play? This is the time to go inside and work on these issues.

When Saturn goes direct in August you will have had the benefit of these months of introspection and will be able to harness the great Sagittarius energy to make the changes you need!

Saturn may grumble about all of that overwhelming Sagittarius energy but think how much change you can make the planet goes direct in August. Reorder, restructure, recharge!