The Sixth

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No not the sense, the house; today I want to talk about the 6th House of the zodiac, the house of day to day work and health. Now that sounds a little bit goofy at first glance but it does make sense. If you have health issues, either real or imagined it is going to affect your work, right? I know of one chart that, among many other “issues”, has Neptune negatively aspected in the 6th with Pisces on the cusp of the 6th. Neptune deals psychosomatic illness – Neptune is all about vagaries – so perceived illness, illness driven from the mental arena, these are all Neptunian in nature. This person hasn’t worked a full six months in twenty years because of a wide variety of health issues which always crop up when work gets too difficult.

My current interest in the sixth house is sparked by two occurrences. First, I have had those two very slowly moving planets Uranus and Jupiter transiting my sixth for about 5 months now and they will be there for a few more. During this time I have gotten more colds than I normally get in a year. One came upon me so fast (Uranus lightening) and just when I thought it was gone it came roaring back (Jupiter’s ability to be expansive. Thanks a lot.) I have also started acupuncture during this time – a very Uranian activity. Although acupuncture is an ancient science it is for Westerners new and unique. Acupuncture also deals with grids and the electricity which runs throughout the human body and all electrical matters fall under Uranus.

I have a friend who is having another recurring bout of coughing which is believed to be link to allergies and may be a mild allergy driven asthma. It appears as an annoying tickle in her throat. As always, when I hear of someone’s illness I run to look at their chart. Hmmm, remember that Mars/Mercury/Pluto mishmash I spoke of last week? Well guess where it is intersecting in her chart? Right, in the 6th. These planets are also now in conjunction with her solar progressed* Venus and to make it more interesting she has Pallas Athena also in her 6th right now.

Mars’ male energy, Pallas Athena coupled with, androgynous female energy with Venus – that planet which rules the throat all churning together. Can you see how the allergy has come back? What has me more concerned is that Pluto is in this mix. Pluto is the harbinger change and transformative. Some astrologers look at Pluto, with its rulership of the 8th house the traditional house of death and change, as a harbinger of death and rebirth. I don’t want to go there, but I do see a change in her health that she will have to take good care of.

*Solar progression is charts the movement of planets from the time of a person’s birth.

P.S. Does anyone else see the Wikileak attacks on websites as the secret “violence” I mentioned in my last blog entry?

Another One of the “Girls” – Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene is one of the most interesting albeit confusing asteroid goddess. This is because of her basic duality. I am not talking duality like Pisces the Fish or Gemini the Twins. It isn’t that stark, however, she is the goddess of war and power as well as healing and wisdom. I guess, like most women, she figures she will have to clean up the mess others make so might as well get on with it. In her honor, the Greeks named their major city, Athens.

In classical Greece, this virgin goddess of wisdom was second only to Jupiter, king of the heavens, in importance. As the goddess of war, she was invincible in battle. In times of peace, however, her wisdom enforced the law and made sure justice prevailed. She was also patroness of the arts, architecture, cooking and weaving. Yes, insert your goddess multi-tasking joke here.

In the sky, Pallas Athene lies between the constellations Libra and Aquarius and opposes Leo – so when we use her in chart analysis, we see the flash of intelligence (Aquarius) and the driving originality of fiery Leo modified by Libra balance and fairness. For instance, someone with a well aspected Pallas in Taurus will have the ability to see beauty in new ways. Taurus is ruled by Venus – and is associated with the arts and beauty. A strong Pallas Taurus person is able to perceive art in a new way- with all senses – they might even “see” colors.* They could also be a fighter for the Earth – an ecological warrior. Taurus is the Bull, grounded in the Earth and earth resources (see my entry on Al Gore’s North Node in Taurus.) They will use the fire of Leo and the advanced mind of Aquarius to fight for Mother Earth.

Well aspected Pallas in Sagittarius people can become shamans or healers because the can actually see the big picture of someone’s health arc. Remember, Sag. is expansive in nature. Unfortunately, we also see Pallas Sag. people who have negative aspects and who can take that warrior energy and combine it with Sag’s belief in religious truth and become religious crusaders.

The main thing to remember is that Pallas packs a wallop of creative, fiery energy and high perceptive abilities. She was the original androgynous woman who competed quite well with men in the political and military arena.

*For more information on this see “The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion: How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body, and the Sixth Sense ” by Michael Jawer.