Neptune in Pisces: All Peace and Love?

Neptune moved into its ruling sign, Pisces, on February 3 and frankly I have been a bit shocked over what I have been reading in the “Astro-circles” about this movement. There is an awful lot of this is the harbinger of the new wonderful world we will all transit to in 2012 and there is nothing more wonderful than Neptune being in Pisces. Right, let’s all wait for the fairies and angels to arrive. It seems that many people are caught up in one of the biggest shadows of Pisces – that is illusion and delusion.

Don’t get me wrong Neptune in Pisces is a mild placement. It is a wonderful time for spiritual awakening and for connecting to the cosmic unconsciousness. However, let us step back into time to the last time Neptune was there. It was 1846 – 1861. Spiritualism did bloom and it was the time of Transcendentalism. Still there were many spiritual charlatans around who promised people they could see the spirits of their dead loved ones in the new found technology of photography. There were also many people running “peaceful communes” who were living well off the people who gave them all of their money in a fit of brotherhood. Lest we not forget what happened when Neptune was still in Pisces – April 12, 1861 – the attack on Fort Sumter and the start of the Civil War!

I am afraid that too many astrologers are buying into the 2012 hype and in Pisces delusion! Use these years of Pisces in Neptune to develop your spirituality and use it act on social injustice and unfair imbalance: these are wonderful aspects of the sign.  Pisces knows no bounds and caste systems are distasteful to her – so be all for furthering brotherhood. Just remember that it is also a time where people can get so caught in their own reality – or rather unreality – that they can’t see anything but their own side – leading to huge battles. It is a time where escapism can be rampant – where addictions and “dropping out” are the order of the day.

 Like all things, Neptune in Pisces is both positive and negative. Keep your head about you and you can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls!

2011 -2012 preview

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 I saw some signs in downtown DC a few months ago telling me to repent because the world was ending in May 2011. Apparently the Lord is returning and he is still pissed. Then, of course, the New Agers are telling me we have all the way until December 2012. If I thought either were correct I would daily eating my way through a bathtub of chocolate chip ice cream.

While I can’t see the end of the world coming, I do see some hum dinger of planetary changes coming in the next few years.

Neptune will be moving into Pisces on April 4, 2011 and will remain there until 2026. Pisces is ruled by Neptune so this will be a time when Neptune will be felt particularly if it makes a strong aspect to Neptune, Pisces or their aspects in your personal chart.

Remember Pisces is a sign of duality. Look at the two fish, one swimming upstream toward the God-source and the other stuck in the illusion of life.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces (1848 – 1860), we saw the growth and flourishing of the Transcendalist Movement. These were people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Louisa May Alcott who believed in spirituality, and humanitarianism. Utopian societies sprang up and around the country and spiritualism was in favor. Impressionism, the style of painting characterized by flowing and visible brush strokes became popular. Sigmund Freud, the father of dream therapy was born. Charles Darwin published the “Origin of the Species” and Marx the “Communist Manifesto.”

All of these are very Piscean qualities – a rejection of the traditional religious dogmas for a spiritual outlook, a belief that we all must find our own path to God, a dreamy quality and a rejection of the individual for the good of all.

Pisces is also the sign of the martyr and throughout Europe tens of thousands of died in Peasant Revolutions that raged from France to Sicily and Hungary to Poland. Desperate people banded together to try to change entrenched political systems that favored only the nobility.

The shadow of Pisces is illusion, disillusionment, giving into addictions and ennui. Pisces is that great ocean of cosmic consciousness but it has a hard time deal with the nastiness of Earthly reality. Be aware of people following false gurus. Sadly, we might see more people martyring themselves in hope of furthering a bigger cause. We will see more pathetic and dangerous violent outbursts. Those people who are upset and disillusioned will have a hard time getting on course.

We are seeing signs of this with the self-immolations in Tunisia and the job riots in Spain. If you have the ability both financial and innate to grow spiritually it is a wonderful time. However, anyone stuck in desperation – even those who aren’t forced into those situations by governmental of money issues; people who keep themselves stuck – will be that swirling pool of illusion for a long time.