If You Want to Work on Yourself Now is the Time

This week is the time to do some “fall cleaning” – on yourself.  Right now huge Jupiter which has just moved into Scorpio, the sign of deep and sometimes difficult transformation, is conjunct the Sun and Mercury. What have you been wanting to say – what words and thoughts are bottled up and causing you angst? This is the time to unplug the cork and let your true words fly.

While this is happening, Venus and Mars are also dancing together – doing their traditional male/female salsa – trying to seek balance. Not to be outdone, the highly emotional Moon is nearing focused Vesta.

This all could be a recipe for disaster if people just start laying bare every buried emotion and thought in every direction especially at partners! I mentioned Jupiter first for a reason. You need to do the work he is demanding right now – to think and go deep, organize your thoughts and then release.