Saturn and Jupiter Squaring Off




Saturn and Jupiter


Two of the titans of the universe, Saturn and Jupiter made a direct square on August 3. These two do a twenty-year dance together. This one started with a conjunction in 2000 – now we are at a more disharmonious placement – a square of Saturn at 28 degrees Scorpio and Jupiter at 28 degrees Leo.

These two are at odds in many ways. Jupiter wants expansion and risk. She beckons us to search out people who are different from us and who hold different beliefs. She opens the door to the new, fresh and different. Jupiter breaks inhibitions and makes us ponder the once unthinkable.

Jupiter tells us that our garden may be lovely, However, did we take a minute to see that one across the world that has different flowers and a Statute of a god we never saw. Why not go investigate and learn. Travel, education, publication – all are the arenas of Jupiter.

Saturn, on the other hand, demands that we meet our responsibilities, our duties before we go gallivanting all over the place. Saturn, known as Chronos or Time to the Greeks, is all about barriers – time, awareness of the limitations of a physical world. Before you take those big trips, says Saturn, make sure you make enough money and have saved more than what you need.

Saturn is like the father saying go get a job and Jupiter the hippy aunt saying go find yourself. So when these two square we have a battle of freedom and responsibility.  We can be caught into a tailspin of should I or shouldn’t I? AM I having too much fun and adventure (Jupiter) or am I stuck in the doldrums of life (Saturn)? Instead of getting confused, it is best to work on balancing these energies in our lives. Am I paying too much to either master?